Housing Starts Surge as Builders Meet Strong Demand

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"Housing starts and permit applications both rose in May at the highest rate since 2016, signifying a strong response from builders as consumer demand for housing increases. See the data to find out why the outlook for the housing industry is so positive."

Figure Technologies Unveils Wholesale Lending Solution

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"Loan originators, now you have access to a unique and powerful HELOC offering from Figure Technologies - the Wholesale Lending Platform. Make financing options available to the private lender with this innovative tool from Figure Technologies."

Florida School District Develops Housing to Address Teacher Shortages

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This article explores how low-cost housing options for faculty and staff near certain schools can help solve the long-standing issue of high housing costs. Learn how school districts are addressing housing costs and creating a positive impact.

Below-Median Income Households Make Unexpected Homeownership Gains

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Family income households living below the national median are defying economic pressures to still achieve homeownership in the U.S. Learn how they are navigating through higher borrowing costs and home prices to realize the dream of becoming a homeowner.

CFPB to Explore Streamlining Mortgage Servicing Rules

2023-06-16T03:59:32-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, loan servicing private lenders|

The CFPB seeks to create simplification of servicing rules, for the purpose of increased agility from servicers. Learn more in this summary of the CFPB Director's words from a private lending industry expert.

Mortgage Demand Edges Higher But Remains Below Last Year’s Level

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Be informed of the latest in the mortgage industry - Get an insightful summary of the Mortgage Bankers Association's recent findings regarding consumer demand spurred on by two consecutive weeks of mortgage rate drops. Take advantage of industry news to make the best decision regarding your home loan.

Comerica Bank to Exit Warehouse Lending

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"Dallas-based Comerica Bank is opting to exit the mortgage banker finance business following turbulence in the industry. Get the full story from an experienced mortgage industry expert and understand how this impacts private lenders."

EPM Expands Wholesale Channel, Streamlines Retail Operations

2023-06-13T12:36:09-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private money loan servicing|

Atlanta-based EPM's Focus on Wholesale Channel: Discover How Private Lenders Benefit Despite Times of Economic Uncertainty. Get the Scoop on EPM's Decisions & How It Could Affect You Now.

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