How can Lenders Reduce Costs in the Home Equity Space?

2022-11-28T20:24:20-08:00Private Money Lending|

In a rising-rate environment where many homeowners have secured record-low mortgage rates, the lending industry is focusing on home equity. For a variety of reasons, home equity lending can take various forms. Different types of validations are required, the approval process must be expedited, [...]

How can the Mortgage Industry be More Prepared for the Next Natural Disaster?

2022-11-28T20:24:14-08:00Private Money Lending|

The housing industry, from servicers to real estate agents, will be impacted by this year's hurricane season long after 2022. In the midst of this, many people are concerned about a potential lapse in National Flood Insurance. Congress must renew the NFIP's operating authority [...]

Lenders Convince Buyers to “Marry the House and Date the Rate”

2022-11-28T20:24:06-08:00Private Money Lending|

Mortgage rates are rapidly rising as the federal reserve tightens monetary policy. For lenders, this means coming up with new methods of generating business, such as launching programs that encourage borrowers to 'marry the house and date the rate.' During this transition period, homebuyers [...]

2023’s Forward Thinkers are Investing in Mortgage Tech Now

2022-11-28T20:24:00-08:00Private Money Lending|

For players in the mortgage industry, the storm facing the current housing market is currently on top of every mind. With interest rates rising to levels never seen in decades and housing inventory dipping, stakeholders keep on asking when the bright side of it [...]

6 Key Indicators for Mortgage Lenders Assessments as Market Challenges Persist

2022-11-11T14:59:49-08:00Private Money Lending|

To suggest that these are challenging times for mortgage lenders would be a significant understatement. The federal funds rate, which has an upper and lower limit, is now between 3% and 3.25%. The most recent instance of the rate hitting 3.25% was in 2005. [...]

Freddie Mac to Include Bank Account Data as Part of Underwriting

2022-11-11T15:00:21-08:00Private Money Lending|

According to a press release shared with Housing Wire, Freddie Mac said on October 17 that it will examine bank account data for borrowers to determine a history of positive monthly cash-flow activity as part of its loan purchase eligibility analyses. According to the [...]

Appeal Court Rules CFPB Funding Source Unconstitutional

2022-11-11T14:57:19-08:00Private Money Lending|

A three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals decided this week that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) financing source is unconstitutional. According to a Politico report on the ruling, the panel determined that the CFPB's structure was unconstitutional because it [...]

5 Common Pitfalls in Managing a Fund as a Private Lender

2022-11-11T15:00:40-08:00Private Money Lending|

Funds are a significant aspect of the business strategy in the private lending market. However, funds do have additional elements to be cautious about and consider. Here are three significant mistakes funds and fund managers run into and ways to avoid them. Poor Panic [...]

Home Sales are Going to Nosedive in 2023-Fannie Mae

2022-11-07T16:47:27-08:00Private Money Lending|

The housing market prognosis for 2023 is getting worse by the month, with the most recent research expecting a million-plus drop in existing house sales. Fannie Mae's Economic and Strategic Research (ESR) Group now estimates overall single-family home sales will fall by 18.1% to [...]

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