Hard Money

The Note Servicing Center understands the importance of having a Note and Loan Servicing Company that reflects the trust, integrity, service and fiduciary responsibly you have promised to your borrowers and investors that have made you successful. So, whether you have a small portfolio of note/loans, are a threshold lender with muti-investor loans, a seller carries back note holder, a hard money lender or the manager of a mortgage loan pool, the meticulous oversight of your account(s) is of primary importance to us and we are committed to your success.

The Note Servicing Center Inc. understands the importance of:

Distributing funds into your account as quickly as possible

  • We process and post daily, and provide automatic electronic deposit of good funds to your account.

Receiving payment of “good funds” from borrowers in a timely fashion

  • We provide the ability of borrower to make payments on line, by ACH withdrawal from their account and by Credit Card

Compliance with regulatory requirements imposed by the Department of Real Estate and the oversight of other State and Federal agencies

  • Our highly sophisticated computer system, proprietary in design and on the cutting edge of technology, meets all requirements of trust accounting and reporting and is updated as new regulations occur.

The safety and security of Trust Funds placed in our care

  • As a Licensed Threshold Broker we are required to have quarterly independent CPA Auditing of our Trust Account, Monthly reconciliation and annual financials submitted to the Department of Real Estate.

The value of keeping abreast of ongoing education to keep up to date on new rules and regulations

  • Our professional staff is required to maintain continuing education and membership in Trade Associations and attendance to obtain educational updates as well as in house weekly training.

The importance of providing you with the ability to review and analyze your company’s cash flows on a daily basis for important decision making and forecasting

  • On-line review of your accounts is available 24/7 with a secured password protected server so that you are never out of control of your cash flows or downloading of reports.

Protecting the priority of your security and thus providing risk management by timely payment of taxes and insurance

  • We provide for the impounding (escrowing) of funds for the payment of taxes and insurance when due and have availability to provide forced insurance when necessary.

Protection and confidentiality of client data

  • Computer data is password protected stored both on in-house and off-site location. Computer stored on in-house and offsite. All officers of the company are licensed by the Department of Real Estate. The company carries a fidelity bond protecting payments for employee theft. Original documents are stored in Safe with codes confidential to Officers of the company.

Responsiveness to your questions and concerns

  • Account Representatives are available to answer questions and provide support Monday thru Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM PST.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your present servicing company or if you are concerned about the increasing cost of servicing in house servicing, please contact me personally at 559-665-3456

More and more lenders are looking for ways to reduce overhead costs. The outsourcing of Note Servicing cuts down or eliminates the cost of purchasing computer hardware, software and the overhead associated with training and retaining employees as well as freeing up lease space for alternative uses.

To begin servicing of your account(s), a package for Lenders as well as additional forms are available by clicking here. Because, we understand the long and short term implications of outsourcing the servicing of your notes and loans, I welcome your call to discuss your particular needs and how we can meet them to your specifications needs best. If you feel it is necessary, we are also prepared to conference with you and your associates as well. Call me personally on my direct line at: 1-800-646-3445 to set up an appointment or a Conference Call with your support staff.


Thomas Standen IV