Buying a home today can be a challenging process, filled with various complexities. One such complexity is the need for buyers to sell their current home before they can qualify for the new one they wish to purchase. However, there is a potential solution to this issue in the form of Buy before you sell (BBYS) products. Jeremy Foster, the esteemed founder and chairman of Calque, sheds light on this method.

• Contingencies and the need to sell one’s current home before buying a new one create stress and complications in the home-buying process.
• Buy before you sell (BBYS) products offer a potential solution to this dilemma.
• Jeremy Foster, the founder and chairman of Calque, provides an explanation of the BBYS process.
• BBYS products allow buyers to purchase their dream home before selling their current property.
• This innovative approach can alleviate stress and streamline the purchasing process for buyers.
• By using BBYS products, buyers can avoid the uncertainty of finding a new home after selling their current one.
• Foster emphasizes the significance of understanding the terms and conditions of BBYS agreements to make informed decisions.
• These products have the potential to revolutionize the home-buying experience, providing buyers with more flexibility and peace of mind.

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