A recent data study conducted by LendingTree reveals significant racial disparities in homeownership in the United States. The study focused on the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan areas and found that Black people, who make up approximately 15% of the population in these areas, only own an average of 10.15% of homes. In contrast, White people accounted for the majority of homeownership, with an average ownership rate of 69%.

Key findings from the study include:

– Black people represent 15% of the population in the 50 largest metropolitan areas.
– Black people only own an average of 10.15% of homes in these areas.
– White people, on the other hand, account for 69% of homeownership in the same areas.

These findings highlight the stark racial disparities in homeownership and raise important questions about access to housing and financial opportunities for Black communities. Further analysis and targeted interventions may be necessary to address and rectify these disparities.

You can read this full article at: https://wrenews.com/data-study-finds-blacks-only-own-10-of-homes-while-whites-own-69/

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