Borrowers Seeking Help in the Wake of Rising Mortgage Rates.

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"Rising mortgage rates have made it difficult to meet debt-to-income requirements for many potential homebuyers. Discover how private lenders can help these buyers reach their goals by adding a non-occupant co-borrower to the loan. Learn about the advantages and drawbacks of this approach today!"

Inc Introducing iad Group Inc: The New Mortgage Brokerage

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Discover how Paris-based iad Group is bringing their world-class brand to the US with new operations in Florida. Learn more about how this international expansion can help bridge the gap between US homeowners and private lenders.

Mortgage Rates Reach Highest Levels in 20 Years

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Mortgage rates edged higher this week as investors weighed in on the Federal Reserve's position on interest rates. Find out how this will affect private lenders and what the latest news on mortgage rates could mean for your financial planning. Get the scoop on the changing rates without a sales pitch.

Realty Austin Joins Compass, Expands Reach by 600+ Agents

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2023 Realty Austin Ranking #45 in RealTrends 500 for Sales Volume - 8,264 Transaction Sides & $5.239 Billion in Sale Volume - Learn What this Means for Private Lenders.

California to Alter Homeowner Insurance Rules

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Homeowners in [State], Prepare to Reap the Benefits of More Insurance Choice! New proposed regulations give more options for homeowners in the state and greater opportunity to get the best deal. See the details.

. FHFA Examines Exemptions for Enterprises Buying Mortgages with Shared Equity

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The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is considering making adjustments to existing regulations regarding the GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises) and the FHLBs (Federal Home Loan Banks) in regards to mortgages and properties with certain types of private transfer fees covenants attached to them. The [...]

. Mortgage Market Experiences Increased Home Inventory Levels.

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Celebrating the strength of real estate, summarize the current market with this meta description. This week's mortgage market continues to impress with 2% increases in home inventory across the board. Homebuyers are responding to the highest mortgage rates in more than 20 years, evidencing the strength of the real estate market. A great time for private lenders to get a piece of the action!

Equifax Cuts Underwriting Time with IRIS Software

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"Equifax's innovative digital verification tool is now available to an extra one million US small business employees through IRIS Payroll Relief software. Revolutionize your payroll process and get rid of paperwork, eliminating time-consuming manual processes to save time and resources."

Moody’s Predicts Modest Impact of Student Loan Payments on Mortgages

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With Oct. 1 approaching, 24 million federal student loan borrowers need to understand how repayment will affect their credit report. Find out what steps to take to minimize consequences and maximize positive outcomes.

Mortgage Rates Near Yearly High of 7.49%.

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This week saw mortgage rates across the US surge, pushing them close to the yearly high. On average, mortgage rates began the week at 7.28%, peaked at 7.47%, and closed at 7.39%. Get current rates and expert advice to make the best decision for your home loan.

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