In the ever-evolving landscape of the mortgage industry, the approach to lending has witnessed a shift away from the traditional formulaic Qualified Mortgage (QM) loans. Instead, a more intricate arrangement called non-QM lending has gained traction. This new paradigm requires extensive dedication and resources to establish systems capable of handling the complexities that come with it. However, with the completion of this arduous process, borrowers can avail of a highly personalized loan program. Gregory Meola, the managing director and head of business development & strategy at Acra Lending, sheds light on the intricacies of this method and the role technology plays in streamlining the process.

Key Points:

– Non-QM lending has emerged as an alternative to QM lending in the mortgage industry.
– This approach presents challenges due to its complexity but offers borrowers a tailored loan program.
– Setting up systems to manage the complexities of non-QM lending requires significant time and effort.
– Once established, these systems provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure a smooth loan origination process.
– Gregory Meola, from Acra Lending, discusses the role of technology in simplifying and automating non-QM lending procedures.

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