Christie’s to Launch Luxury Austin Brokerage

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"Christie's International Real Estate takes luxury Austin real estate to a new level. Make sure to keep a lookout for the upcoming affiliate this fall for unique, high-end opportunities in one of the country's hottest markets!"

Housing Market Stagnant Despite Fed Rates Holding

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Until interest rates come down, the affordability crisis is putting pressure on the US housing market. Housing experts are warning of the impacts of high rates and the difficulty for borrowers to secure good deals. Learn more about how private lenders are helping to buck the trend.

Compare Housing Market Performance: Booms and Busts

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This summary covers the current housing market according to a recent report from CoreLogic. It explains how western states are experiencing annual declines while Midwestern and Northeastern states are still thriving. Learn more about this house price index and what it means for mortgage lending in those areas.

For Mortgage Businesses – Creating a Thriving Organizational Culture for Mortgage Companies

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This meta description outlines the benefits of fostering a productive culture within a real estate company to ensure success in today's crowded market. Learn how a cohesive environment among agents can maximize productivity and create an industry-leading competitive edge.

Floify Launches Income/Employment Verification Tech for Mortgage Lenders

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"Discover how Floify's new Verification of Income and Verification of Employment Waterfall Technology is revolutionising the mortgage origination process - quickly and cost-effectively streamlining the process for lenders and providing greater efficiency."

Watch Out: Potential Risks in Real Estate M&A Deals

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This article will explore common risks associated with non-bank lenders that could be a cause for concern, and practical steps to address those risks. This article explores common risks associated with private lenders and offers practical ways to mitigate these risks. Understand what's at stake and learn how to better protect your business with advice from a mortgage industry expert.

Q2 2023 Title Insurance Premiums Decrease 37%

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"Mortgage industry expert provides insight into Q22023's 37% decline in title premium volume. Learn more about how the housing market's high mortgage rates and low housing inventory contributed to this quarterly decline from a trusted industry source."

of MLSs Nestfully Expands Database with BeachesMLS & SEFMLS

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Looking for a mortgage in South Florida? Get the latest news on the largest Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) with BeachesMLS & MIAMI REALTORS SEFMLS. Keep informed and find the best option for you with Nestfully - know where to get the best help.

Single-Family Rental Prices Rising Across Lower Range

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"According to CoreLogic researchers, low-end single-family rental properties saw impressive returns in July – up by 4.6% on an annual basis. This was a notable jump from the growth of 2.3% for high-end rentals. Discover the impact of this rental growth and its implications for private lenders."

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