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Blend’s Transformation: Making an Impact on Financial Services

2023-04-28T17:52:06-07:00private lender servicing, private loan servicing company|

"Take a look at the revolutionary transformation of Blend. See how the company is making a real impact on the financial services industry, utilizing its innovative AI technology. Discover the power of Blend for yourself!"

Title: Strengthening Financial Institution Cyber Defenses during the COVID-19 Pandemic

2023-04-28T17:52:06-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private money loan servicing|

Covid-19 is changing the banking landscape. Learn how private lenders are adapting to protect customer data & strengthen defenses with this guide. Get new strategies you can use now!

Jot: Endpoint Launches Secure Electronic Notarization Tool

2023-04-28T17:52:07-07:00private loan servicing company, private money loan servicing|

"Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and long wait times! Jot's secure, electronic notarization tool makes it easy to quickly and securely finalize important documents like private lending contracts. Get the peace of mind you deserve today!"

Cornerstone Capital Bank Enters Subservicing Market

2023-04-28T17:52:07-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private mortgage servicing companies|

Join Cornerstone Capital Bank as we expand our services & offer premier private subservicing solutions. Get the flexibility & security you need without sacrificing quality & efficiency. Unlock new opportunities & maximize returns with our specialized solutions.

Inventory Shortage Persists in Current Housing Market

2023-04-03T14:46:39-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private mortgage servicing companies|

2019 housing market still suffering from inventory shortage! As demand increasingly outpaces supply, private lenders need to be prepared for the continued pressure on home prices & the difficulty of finding quality properties to finance. Act now to get ahead!

Mortgage Originators Persevere Despite Challenges

2023-04-28T17:52:08-07:00private lender servicing, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Mortgage professionals and their clients persist, despite the current economic climate. Learn how originators and borrowers can find secure solutions and minimize risk. Helping the industry rebuild for a better future.

Title: Rocket Mortgage Launches Cash Back Program to Reward Buyers & Partners

2023-04-28T17:52:09-07:00private lender loan servicing, private loan servicing company|

"Now you can save like a pro with Rocket Mortgage's Cash Back Program! Get rewarded for your real estate purchases and improve your financial future. Start earning today!"

NAREB Calls on Mortgage Lenders To Utilize SPCPs To Increase Black Homeownership

2023-04-28T17:52:09-07:00private mortgage loan servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

"2020 has seen a housing crisis, but NAREB is fighting to get more African-Americans into homeownership. Join leading lenders to see how SPCPs can help increase Black Homeownership today!"

Seeking Public Comment: Mismo’s Servicing Transfer Catalog for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

2023-03-31T16:43:29-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private mortgage servicing|

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac: Comment on Mismo's plan to streamline servicing transfers! Find out what it means & have your say in the decision-making process. Act Now!

Massachusetts Passes Tenant Protection Bill: A Model for Equitable Housing?

2023-04-28T17:52:10-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage servicing|

Massachusetts has passed a landmark tenant protection bill providing equitable housing for all - find out what this means for renters & landlords in MA and beyond! Stay informed & make sure your rights are respected. #Housing #Equity #LandlordTenants

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