Defunct brokerage REX has filed a petition with the Ninth Circuit, requesting a review of a lower court’s ruling on their motion for a new trial in their legal battle against Zillow. The case involves allegations of anti-competitive behavior and defamation, stemming from REX’s claims that Zillow’s actions harmed their business. The lower court denied REX’s motion for a new trial, leading the brokerage to seek an appeal in hopes of reconsideration.

Key points from the text:

– Defunct brokerage REX seeks a review from the Ninth Circuit on a lower court’s decision in their legal battle against Zillow.
– REX alleges anti-competitive behavior and defamation by Zillow, impacting their business operations.
– The brokerage’s motion for a new trial was denied by the lower court, prompting them to pursue an appeal.
– REX hopes that the Ninth Circuit will reconsider their case and potentially grant a new trial.

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