NY Homebuyers Given Right to Know Flood Risk by Gov. Hochul

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This meta description informs readers of a recent New York law enacted to protect people from potential flooding risks and other hazards. An expert's insights on what consequences this law may have for private lenders. Get the inside scoop on how to keep your business secure.

California to Alter Homeowner Insurance Rules

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Homeowners in [State], Prepare to Reap the Benefits of More Insurance Choice! New proposed regulations give more options for homeowners in the state and greater opportunity to get the best deal. See the details.

@properties Adds Top Agents to Chicago Team from Compass

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The Tesars are leaving Compass and joining @properties Christie's International Real Estate - the finest in Winnetka, Illinois. With their knowledge of the mortgage industry, this well-respected team brings decades of experience to their new company. Private lenders can trust their expertise to navigate the complicated world of mortgage finance. Look no further for the right guidance and sound advice.

Fintech Maxwell Buys Digital Lending Platform Revvin

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Maxwell boosts point-of-sale tech with acquisition of digital lending platform Revvin. Expert mortgage industry opinion on how this deal will enhance sophistication of point-of-sale technology for private lenders. Learn more today.

Building Inventory Grows as Home Sales Slow Down.

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Private lenders can take advantage of the market trends by offering versatile loan terms. "Take advantage of the market trend in the housing industry! Private lenders offer versatile loan terms, making it easier to capitalize on the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau. With inventory of unsold homes the highest since December, now is the time to start seeing a return on your investment."

. Mortgage Market Experiences Increased Home Inventory Levels.

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Celebrating the strength of real estate, summarize the current market with this meta description. This week's mortgage market continues to impress with 2% increases in home inventory across the board. Homebuyers are responding to the highest mortgage rates in more than 20 years, evidencing the strength of the real estate market. A great time for private lenders to get a piece of the action!

‘s exclusive report Real Estate Agents: Staying in Place, Relitix Report Finds

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With the Real Estate Agent Movement Index™, Relitix has revolutionized the way we measure agent mobility. Come discover the agent movement trend caused by the 2021 pandemic and explore the level of mobility indexed to January 2016. Get the full story on the agent movement & other insights behind the index today!

Equifax Cuts Underwriting Time with IRIS Software

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"Equifax's innovative digital verification tool is now available to an extra one million US small business employees through IRIS Payroll Relief software. Revolutionize your payroll process and get rid of paperwork, eliminating time-consuming manual processes to save time and resources."

Layoffs follow company going public

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Powerful Digital Lender Reduces Mortgage Sales and Origination Team in US - Private Lenders: Get the scoop on the unexpected changes that could affect your business. Learn how the latest developments may affect you and what you need to know.

Moody’s Predicts Modest Impact of Student Loan Payments on Mortgages

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With Oct. 1 approaching, 24 million federal student loan borrowers need to understand how repayment will affect their credit report. Find out what steps to take to minimize consequences and maximize positive outcomes.

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