Change Isn’t Easy: A Mortgage Expert’s Insight

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Learn how to navigate tough times in the mortgage industry and minimize the backlash with expert industry know-how. Get advice from a seasoned professional on how to make smart decisions as the year ends.

Lamacchia Realty Acquires New England-Based Brokerage Keystone Property Group

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"Lamacchia Realty, a renowned full service real estate company with decades of success, has acquired the Seekonk-based brokerage, Keystone Property Group. With their extended experience and coverage across 6 states, get the confidence, skills and resources needed to make your home purchase a success."

Mortgage Rates Remain Steady at 7.2%, Fed Holds Off On Hikes

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Mortgage rates remain high with both lenders and borrowers digesting the news from the Federal Reserve meeting earlier this week. Learn more about how the markets are reacting and what to expect in current mortgage rates. Get the latest insights from mortgage industry experts.

Partnering to Help MBS Investors Assess Risk Using Climate Analytics

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This meta description provides an overview of a new collaboration between ICE and DeltaTerra to develop credit risk analytics solutions aimed at assessing the potential impact of climate risk on real estate and mortgage backed securities. Uncover how this cutting-edge technology helps lenders make more informed decisions.

Compare Housing Market Performance: Booms and Busts

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This summary covers the current housing market according to a recent report from CoreLogic. It explains how western states are experiencing annual declines while Midwestern and Northeastern states are still thriving. Learn more about this house price index and what it means for mortgage lending in those areas.

Court Rules in Favor of Buyer Broker Commissions

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Defendants in Sitzer/Burnett Lawsuit Face 2 Dismissed Claims: Unopposed motion for dismissal of state law causes of action filed, Judge Stephen R. Bough to review case. Learn why mortgage industry expert advice is essential for understanding buyer broker commissions.

Home Loan and Mortgage Company Tom Makinney and Team Join Compass Home Loan and Mortgage Company

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The Makinney Group, led by Principal Agent Tom Makinney, has joined Compass in Chicago offering home buyers and sellers a dedicated real estate experience. Expertise combined with Compass' technology, property and analytics ensures a stress-free transaction of all details from start to finish.

Real Estate Agents: Understanding Appraisals

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Learn what appraisers look for when evaluating the value of a property, from the basics to more specialized requirements. Discover what to watch out for when commissioning a private lender appraisal, from understanding the process to thoroughly checking your results. Learn what mortgages private lenders offer and how to assess their value for yourself.

Ehancing Brand Trust:Advertising Compliance & Strengthening Brand Trust

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Most private lenders utilize some form of advertising to promote their services, which can include anything from websites and emails to texts, business cards, social media, or telephone solicitations. While successful advertising can help build your business and profits, it's also important to make [...]

Watch Out: Potential Risks in Real Estate M&A Deals

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This article will explore common risks associated with non-bank lenders that could be a cause for concern, and practical steps to address those risks. This article explores common risks associated with private lenders and offers practical ways to mitigate these risks. Understand what's at stake and learn how to better protect your business with advice from a mortgage industry expert.

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