Floify introduces innovative lending platform for mortgage brokers

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Get quick access to an effortless loan management portal designed to simplify the process for borrowers at a reasonable cost – ideal for private lenders.

Housing demand surge may lead to sub-7% drop in mortgage rates.

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Discover the latest industry insights for private lenders. Explore the current low mortgage rates, alongside discussions on potential future Fed rate cuts. Dive deeper now.

Top-ranked online real estate schools in Texas for optimal learning experience

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Looking to enter the real estate industry? Discover the top contenders that ensure a speedy licensing process and set the foundation for success.

Is 2024 the Year of Attainable Homeownership?

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Looking ahead, Realtor.com predicts mortgage rates to decrease in 2024, reaching an average of 6.5% by year-end. Learn more about affordable homeownership in the coming year.

‘Bachelor’ Star and Former Police Officer Lead New Addition to The Real Brokerage Team

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As a mortgage industry expert, stay informed about the latest developments. Read about the team led by 'Bachelor' star and ex-cop joining The Real Brokerage. Find out more on Weekly Real Estate News.

Declining inventory boosts US home prices by 5.5% YoY in Q3, reports FHFA.

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As a mortgage industry expert, I provide expert insights into the latest developments. Discover significant growth in U.S. home prices, with a 2.1% increase in Q3 2023 and 5.5% surge compared to Q3 2022, according to FHFA data. Ideal for private lenders.

First American’s $1 Million Cybersecurity Settlement Marks Milestone

2023-11-28T09:18:07-08:00private mortgage servicing companies|

As an industry expert, I provide clinical summaries of mortgage news. First American, a Big Four title firm, to pay $1M settlement to NY Department of Financial Services over cybersecurity violation. Interesting for private lenders.

OneKey MLS incorporates CubiCasa’s floor plan creation tools into their services.

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Increase the efficiency of private lending with CubiCasa's user-friendly floor plan creation tools, now available through OneKey MLS in the New York Metropolitan area.

MBA identifies advantages and limitations within FHFA’s latest ERCF regulation.

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"Get insights on the latest rule changes impacting private lenders. Discover how the recent MBA update addresses key issues in the mortgage industry."

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