Reviewing the Successes and Failures in the Real Estate Market During the Week of November 20-24

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Discover the latest in real estate news, covering agent commissions, NYC's newest hotel, and future flood preparation. Perfect for private lenders.

The scarcity of new homes for sale: Exploring the reasons behind the shortage.

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Discover the scarcity of new homes for sale in the US, with only 76,000 available despite a population of 335 million. Valuable insight for private lenders.

Fidelity National Financial falls prey to cybersecurity breach

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Fidelity National Financial faces cybersecurity attack, prompting network shutdown, impacting private lenders. Stay updated with latest industry news.

Court Greenlights Anywhere and RE/MAX Commission Lawsuit Settlements

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"Judge Bough grants preliminary approval to RE/MAX and Anywhere's commission lawsuit settlements. Potential involvement of the DOJ piques curiosity in the mortgage industry."

Battle among Homebuilders Bolsters Economic Growth

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"Exploring new strategies employed by builders to combat mortgage rate hikes, now touching 8%. Uncover how increased funding is maintaining the pace in the industry."

RE/MAX Report: Decline in Home Sales as Inventory Increases

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"Explore the latest insights from RE/MAX CEO; home sales are down, yet inventory growth indicates promising signs for the market. Dive into the in-depth analysis here."

Prominent Independent Brokerage John L. Scott Takes Over Sterling Johnston Real Estate

2023-11-07T14:00:54-08:00private mortgage servicing companies|

"John L. Scott Real Estate, an independent brokerage, broadens its presence in Redmond, Washington, with the strategic acquisition of Sterling Johnston Real Estate."

Five Methods for Enhanced Networking and Intelligent Outreach

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"Enhance your networking skills with our expert guidance. Bolster important business relationships, uplift your career prospects, and excel in job searches. Ideal for private lenders."

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