Sources report NAR’s liability insurance coverage depletion

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"Discover the financial ramifications faced by state and local associations as NAR is left without liability insurance, impacting private lenders. Stay informed!"

Nevada real estate firms face second lawsuit over commission fees

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Discover the legal action unfolding in Nevada's real estate landscape, as another home seller files a commission lawsuit implicating collusion among industry players. Explore the implications for private lenders.

California judge issues $19M penalty, bans fraudulent mortgage relief operation.

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Home Matters USA, labeled a "mortgage relief scam" by regulators, faced severe penalties, including business bans and hefty fines, impacting private lenders. Stay informed on this critical issue.

Introduction of New Title and Escrow Subsidiary by Clever Real Estate

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Clever Title's online portal offers secure real-time tracking, document storage, and encryption for private lenders. Discover Clever Real Estate's new title and escrow subsidiary.

Rick Arvielo discusses New American Funding’s acquisition approach within the mortgage industry.

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Gain valuable insights into New American Funding's acquisition strategy as CEO Rick Arvielo shares his expertise in this exclusive interview. Ideal for private lenders.

Shant Banosian, a top Guaranteed Rate LO, joins Healing Realty Trust’s board

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Looking for investment opportunities? Learn how healthcare properties in the $1M to $15M range are becoming a niche market for private lenders.

UWM files lawsuit against Mortgage Solutions and owner for EPOs and trademark infringement.

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Read the latest industry news: A lawsuit reveals Mortgage Solutions failed to reimburse UWM for 12 loans, totaling $124,011.37, paid off within 180 days.

Homebuyers prepare for the spring housing market, according to Zillow.

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Discover the latest news on the dynamic housing market, where competitively priced properties are frequently snapped up within just 29 days. Perfect for private lenders seeking valuable insights.

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