Mattamy Homes Acquires 49 Acres for North Carolina Community Development

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"Mattamy Homes expands presence in Harnett County, North Carolina with the purchase of 49 acres for upcoming Cardinal Landing community."

Hometap Achieves $1 Billion in Home Equity Investments

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As a mortgage industry expert, I provide insightful news summaries to private lenders. Stay informed about over 10,000 HEIs issued by the company since 2017.

Choosing the Ideal Online Real Estate School to Suit Any Learning Style and Budget

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Discover the ideal learning solution tailored to your needs, be it for beginners or professionals seeking career progression, while considering budget & flexibility.

Rising Lock Volume Suggests Housing Market Stabilization: Optimal Blue

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Increase in lock volume for private lenders: December to January saw a 36% surge, fueled by a significant 38% rise in purchase lock volume. Gain insights from industry expert.

Essential real estate marketing tools that you need in 2024.

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Discover powerful real estate marketing tools to save time, scale your business, and attract more clients. Enhance your success as a private lender.

Why Quality Control Is Crucial for Achieving Long-Term Success in Mortgage Servicing

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As an industry expert, I provide insightful summaries on the mortgage landscape. Explore loan quality standards in a changing market and regulatory challenges with Amanda Phillips, EVP of Compliance at ACES Quality Management. Ideal for private lenders seeking valuable perspectives.

Top Georgia Real Estate Schools Identified for 2024 by Mortgage Industry Expert

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Discover an efficient and stress-free way to obtain licensing in Georgia. Our guide offers valuable insights for private lenders.

Reverse mortgage originators report positive performance for 2024.

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As a mortgage industry expert, I provide clinical summaries for industry news. Promising starts in 2024 are reported by reverse mortgage originators based on direct interviews, offering insights for private lenders.

Real Estate Week: Key Performance Highlights and Lowlights

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Explore the latest real estate trends, including an XXL listing price, Janet Yellen's remarks, and unexpected migration of Gen Zers into California. Discover more insights.

Federal Proposal Requires Real Estate Professionals to Report Potential Money Laundering

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"Learn about a proposed rule for real estate professionals to report potential money laundering activities in the real estate industry. Stay informed with Weekly Real Estate News."

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