Mortgage Demand Edges Higher But Remains Below Last Year’s Level

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Be informed of the latest in the mortgage industry - Get an insightful summary of the Mortgage Bankers Association's recent findings regarding consumer demand spurred on by two consecutive weeks of mortgage rate drops. Take advantage of industry news to make the best decision regarding your home loan.

Many Mortgage Pros Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck: Study Finds

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Take control of your finances and navigate the financial markets with expert advice from private lenders. Make smart decisions and secure a successful financial future today.

Guild Mortgage Rolls Out 1% Down Payment Option

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Guild Mortgage is helping buyers with down payment assistance. Get the competitive edge needed to secure a home in today's competitive market. Receive help covering down payments and closing costs with Guild Mortgage's programs. Find access to more opportunities in home-ownership.

in the housing market Capitalizing Communities: How Housing Markets Benefit from Community Engagement

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shift, and Community Capital is here to unlock access to affordable and sustainable home ownership. Run this by potential home buyers and make the dream of home ownership a reality with Community Capital. Our expert team can help find the right loan product to help you save money without compromising on quality. Invest in yourself and your future with Community Capital.

Mortgage Rates Stifle Homeownership Dreams for Many Americans

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"Discover what Americans think about mortgage rates and entering the market! Get the latest findings from a new survey that will inform your strategy about private lenders. Learn why interest rates are an important factor for prospective buyers."

GSE Freedom: Weighing the Pros and Cons

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David Stevens explores the urgency of the GSEs’ return to their rightful place in the mortgage industry. He discusses why immediate action is needed to ensure a secure future for all stakeholders in the US housing market.

Efficient Mortgage Experience Enabled by Roostify Platform for Borrowers and Loan Officers

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CoreLogic’s increased technology offering accelerates consumer-lender interactions and enhances borrower satisfaction.

UWM, Mid Valley Settle Mortgage Lawsuit

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Industry Expert Summarizes UWM's Lawsuit Against Mid Valley Funding: An unbiased analysis summarizing the varying perspectives around UWM's lawsuit against Mid Valley Funding, including charges of violating UWM's controversial ultimatum for sending loans to competitors Rocket Mortgage and Fairway Independent Mortgage. Get the full story to see how it affects the private lending industry.

Ex-Underwriters File Lawsuit Against UWM for Retaliation, Sexual Harassment

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Struggling with harassment and labor issues? Discover the two lawsuits filed against UWM that allege retaliation, a hostile office environment, gender & sexual harassment and failure to pay minimum wages & overtime. Discover how UWM is handling these allegations.

Essential Endorsements for All Mortgage Deals

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Mortgage industry experts recommend utilizing certain endorsements on all transactions in order to protect all loan originators and lenders involved. The ALTA 9-06 endorsement is one of the most important, with benefits including: • Exoneration of all loan originators and lenders from any wrongs [...]

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