Mortgage Coach and Sales Boomerang have recently announced the launch of their new trust-building platform, TrustEngine. This platform was designed to make it easier for mortgage professionals to build trust with their customers by providing a real-time, secure connection between borrowers, lenders, and partners.

The secure platform helps to facilitate communication between all parties involved in a mortgage transaction. This enables Mortgage Coaches and its originators to securely send and receive documents in real-time, while allowing lenders and borrowers to see the status of applications, loans and funding. Moreover, it ensures that all parties remain in the loop and have access to up-to-date information.

The platform provides an array of tools and features that streamline the entire mortgage transaction, making it easier for professionals to provide a positive customer experience. This includes integrations with more than 100 loan origination systems (LOSs) for more efficient workflow and a borrower portal to help lenders communicate quickly and clearly with borrowers. In addition, it includes account history tracking, automated document delivery and eligibility notifications, as well as automated updates to further improve customer trust.

TrustEngine is an invaluable tool for mortgage professionals, providing the secure connection and integrations needed to ensure that all parties involved stay on the same page throughout the mortgage transaction. This allows Mortgage Coaches and its originators to provide an efficient and positive customer experience that builds trust and loyalty. This trust-building platform has the potential to transform the industry and take customer experience and transparency to a whole new level.

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