Mortgage technology company Barr Group Mortgage recently completed the first successful real-estate transaction using the Click n’ Close digital mortgage solution as part of their eNote initiative. Barr Group Mortgage is a U.S. based, nationwide lender that operates in over twelve states and provides mortgage solutions to over one hundred thousand customers.

Barr Group’s eNote initiative is designed to help streamline the traditional mortgage closing and settlement process for both borrowers and lenders. As part of the agreement, Barr Group Mortgage employed an eNote eNotary who, in this case, sealed the deal with a unique secure digital seal. As part of the agreement, the technology company was equipped with the expertise to secure, store and facilitate the signing of the necessary documents.

The consumer-friendly solution, Click n’ Close, provides a simple and secure online tool to apply for and close a mortgage loan in minutes—all from the convenient and secure comfort of one’s own home. Click n’ Close goes beyond just being a digital signer, but also offers a full suite of digital mortgage solutions leveraging blockchain technology and secure digital seals to ensure the highest level of digital document security.

With Barr Group’s eNote initiative, mortgage buyers have a secure way of buying a home without ever needing to set foot in the mortgage lender’s office. The secure digital seal ensures that all documents are safely and securely submitted and recorded, preventing fraud or tampering. The eNote infrastructure helps to cut costs, speed up the transaction process, and ultimately makes the loan process easier and more accessible for borrowers.

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