Remove Title Exceptions: What To Do Next

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Meta Description: Learn more about the difficult and unpredictable process when title won't remove an exception item. Our experienced mortgage industry expert provides helpful advice and solutions to ease this stressful situation.

Mortgage Costs Up, But Incomes Increase Too

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Discover how private lending mortgage rates compare to other lenders and what potential borrowers need to know before securing a loan in April 2023. With expert advice and process information, private lenders can help make the mortgage process easier.

Freddie Mac revamps downpayment assistance with NewRez program

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NewRez Launches Special Purpose Credit Program - $3K+ Closing Cost Assistance to First-Time Homebuyers. NewRez, in partnership with Freddie Mac, is now providing qualifying first-time homebuyers with closing cost assistance of $3,000 or more. Enjoy improved affordability and get the help you need before taking the first step towards homeownership.

NAHB Appoints James W. Tobin as President and CEO

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"The NAHB Board of Directors recently appointed James W. Tobin to head their international association of 140,000 private lenders. Get the full story of this story in our latest mortgage industry update, crafted by an expert team of industry professionals."

Fed’s Last Rate Hike Could be 25 bps – Or Not

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Recent Fed rate increase drives change in mortgage rates; private money lenders must adjust. Understand the consequences of this change & get the latest insights from an experienced mortgage industry expert to protect your investments.

Minneapolis Firefighters Benefit from Homes for Heroes Program

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This project is shaping up to be revolutionary. Homes for Heroes is striving to provide the best care possible for firefighters who suffer severe burn injuries while on the job. By opening the first specialized transition center, HFH is focused on developing a long-term future for affected individuals and their families. Join us in supporting this groundbreaking effort.

States Urge Elimination of LLPA Charge Amendments

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"Fiscal officers from 27 states are calling on the Biden Administration and the FHFA to scrap the changes to LLPA fees which could drastically impact private lenders. Find out how this proposed policy could affect you as an industry expert."

JPMorgan Chase Buys First Republic Bank

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Dynamic and savvy lenders can benefit from the closing of the troubled First Republic Bank by JPMorgan Chase. With careful due diligence and the right financial moves, get the info needed to stay ahead of the game and maximize private lender investments.

DocMagic Enhances Library with ADA-Compliant Loan Documents

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The accessible digital documents from DocMagic provide disabled consumers the opportunity to participate in the broader mortgage market. The ADA-compliant documents are designed to unlock an array of options to give disabled consumers greater access to financial opportunities: convenience, speed, and reduced paperwork.

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