How Holiday Shopping Impacts the Housing Market

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"Last week, housing inventory growth experienced a noticeable slowdown. As an experienced mortgage industry expert, I'm hoping this reduction in inventory was just due to the holiday week and isn't the start of a long-term trend. Understand the changing dynamics in the private lending market with insight from the expert."

ESSA Bank Agrees to Settle DOJ’s Redlining Allegations for $3M

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"Private lenders need to be aware of the recent settlement involving DOJ and ESSA regarding alleged redlining practices. Learn more about the case and what it means for lenders without any bias from ESSA."

Pretium Partners to buys 4,000 D.R. Horton rental homes for $1.5B.

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Pretium Partners, a real estate investment firm, has agreed to a $1.5 billion deal to purchase thousands of homes from D.R. Horton Inc. Learn more about this groundbreaking deal's potential impact on the private lenders industry.

Expands to Feature Entire Mortgage Market RealTrends 500 Supplement Offers Comprehensive Mortgage Market Overview

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"eXp Realty has moved up the ranks to become the number one real estate franchise by transaction sides in the RealTrends 500. This success was based off of their excellent performance in the most recent calendar year. Learn more about this prime example of excellence in the mortgage industry here."

FHA Proposes New Partial Claim Option

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Learn about the proposed partial claim option from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), allowing lenders to provide assistance and avoid foreclosure on mortgages. See how lenders can now offer resources to struggling borrowers, while protecting their assets and minimising losses. Get the facts today.

Rent Reporting Platform Boom Secures $4.5M in Seed Funding

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New fintech app, Rent Reporting Boom, makes it easier than ever for landlords to track and report rent payments. With $4.5 million in seed stage funding, the app's users will have access to improved user experience, expanded product offerings, and more market reach. Make tracking and reporting your rent a breeze with Rent Reporting Boom.

Mortgage Applications Fall as Rates Reach 6-Month High

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Last week, higher mortgage rates resulting from the debt ceiling drama and resilient inflation caused home loan demand to fall. As an expert in the mortgage industry, stay on top of the news and find the best options for your private lenders.

AI Boosts Loan Officer Performance: Blend CEO

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AI technology is revolutionizing the mortgage industry, giving loan officers innovative tools to increase their efficiency and better serve clients. Whether you're a private lender, a broker, or a loan officer, Blend's cutting-edge AI solutions are designed to streamline and simplify the mortgage process, delivering streamlined results and improved customer experience.

Private Lenders Gain Traction as Banks Feel Uncertainty

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"Discover how the recent bank uncertainty has opened the door for private lenders. Learn how these new options give you more flexibility, access to competitive rates, and customizable loan solutions – all without bailing out the big banks."

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