NAR, Brokerages Oppose Effort to Avoid Cross Examination

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The National Association of Realtors and brokerages are defending themselves against allegations of unfair practices. Private lenders can read an in-depth summary of the situation, why the parties are in court, and what the potential implications could be. Get the facts so you can make informed decisions regarding mortgage industry investment.

Non-White Homebuyers Report Discrimination in Homebuying Processes.

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This meta description captures the struggles of minorities when trying to buy a home: "Navigating the mortgage industry can be a challenge - especially for Blacks and Hispanics. Discover how more than a third of Hispanics and over a third of Blacks face discrimination when home searching."

Exploring Risks: Ignorance about Default & REO Can Have Painful Consequences

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Michael Krein, President of the National REO Brokers Association, highlights the importance of proactively dealing with the next REO spike for default and REO professionals. Get expert advice from Krein on how to prepare now for remaining competitive in the industry.

Realty Austin Joins Compass, Expands Reach by 600+ Agents

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2023 Realty Austin Ranking #45 in RealTrends 500 for Sales Volume - 8,264 Transaction Sides & $5.239 Billion in Sale Volume - Learn What this Means for Private Lenders.

Mortgage Banking Struggles Demand Unified Platform Growth for Blend

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"Gain control of all lending needs with Blend Builder. This unified platform offers personalized loans, credit cards, car loans, student loans and mortgages to help private lenders stay ahead in the ever-evolving mortgage industry."

Mortgage Tech Company Blend Enhances Income Verification Abilities

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Blend, Now Allowing Private Lenders to Easily Verify More Income Sources in Rapid Time - Get more information on the new asset and income modeler API integration with Freddie Mac, now enabling private lenders a reliable and efficient way to quickly verify more income sources.

US Home Prices Surge in July

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"July's S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index revealed a welcome shift in the U.S. housing market: after three months of downward pressure, home prices rose 0.98%. This increase marks the recognition of a healthy and recovery-oriented nationwide housing market."

‘s exclusive report Real Estate Agents: Staying in Place, Relitix Report Finds

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With the Real Estate Agent Movement Index™, Relitix has revolutionized the way we measure agent mobility. Come discover the agent movement trend caused by the 2021 pandemic and explore the level of mobility indexed to January 2016. Get the full story on the agent movement & other insights behind the index today!

Curinos and Polly Partner to Improve Lender Efficiency

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Discover how Polly's data-driven insights can help private lenders optimize their customer profiles. Leverage advanced analytics and up-to-date information to make informed, profitable decisions.

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