NAR Staff Urge Resignation of Bob Goldberg and Other Leaders.

2023-09-22T14:07:01-07:00private money loan servicing|

"Catch up on the latest news from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). Learn how regulations surrounding women and non-trade secrets non-disclosure agreements are changing and the action taken by NAR staffers. A must-read for private lenders and mortgage industry experts!"

Christie’s to Launch Luxury Austin Brokerage

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"Christie's International Real Estate takes luxury Austin real estate to a new level. Make sure to keep a lookout for the upcoming affiliate this fall for unique, high-end opportunities in one of the country's hottest markets!"

Change Isn’t Easy: A Mortgage Expert’s Insight

2023-09-22T12:17:24-07:00private mortgage loan servicing companies, private mortgage servicing companies|

Learn how to navigate tough times in the mortgage industry and minimize the backlash with expert industry know-how. Get advice from a seasoned professional on how to make smart decisions as the year ends.

US Existing Home Sales Drop in August: NAR Report

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"Rising mortgage rates and high home prices are making it increasingly difficult for buyers to purchase an existing home. Low inventory levels are exacerbating the issue. Find out what this means for buyers today and how to navigate the current housing market."

Partnering to Help MBS Investors Assess Risk Using Climate Analytics

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This meta description provides an overview of a new collaboration between ICE and DeltaTerra to develop credit risk analytics solutions aimed at assessing the potential impact of climate risk on real estate and mortgage backed securities. Uncover how this cutting-edge technology helps lenders make more informed decisions.

from FHA programs Insurers Withdraw from FHA Programs in Washington State

2023-09-22T05:01:01-07:00private lender loan servicing, private mortgage servicing|

Discover how property insurance companies in Washington State are struggling to provide coverage due to market volatility and changing regulations. Learn how this could impact rental investors and homeowners in the area.

Secure Your Loan Files in a Shifting Economy.

2023-09-20T09:49:08-07:00private money loan servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

Navigating the 2023 Economic Landscape: Protect Your Loan Files & Prepare for Recession. Learn how to anticipate and prepare for the financial uncertainty of the 2023 economic landscape. Explore strategies for building resilient loan files to recession-proof your business.

For Mortgage Businesses – Creating a Thriving Organizational Culture for Mortgage Companies

2023-09-21T09:45:02-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private mortgage servicing companies|

This meta description outlines the benefits of fostering a productive culture within a real estate company to ensure success in today's crowded market. Learn how a cohesive environment among agents can maximize productivity and create an industry-leading competitive edge.

to offer unparalleled mortgage experience Indie LA Broker Joins Real Brokerage for Exceptional Mortgage Service

2023-09-19T10:19:34-07:00private lender loan servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

The Real Brokerage's agent network grows with the addition of 40 new Louisiana-based independent District South agents. Strengthened by this new infusion, the broker now boasts 12,000+ agents nationwide. Get the details on this formidable expansion from a mortgage industry expert.

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