for Home Loan Solutions Coldwell Banker Adds Glennda Baker’s ‘Diamond Squad’ for Home Loan Solutions

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"Glennda Baker & her team of 5 experienced real estate agents have made the leap to Coldwell Banker! Specializing in the greater Atlanta market, they bring considerable expertise & knowledge to their new role. Get the inside scoop on this exciting shift & learn how it impacts the local market today."

Maximizing Success as a Real Estate Agent in a Challenging Market

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Private lenders can find success through implementing these actions to stay competitive. This article is for private lenders: Learn how to stay competitive in a difficult market. Discover how visibility, systems, consistency, education and prospecting can give you a leg up and help you succeed. Get the insight you need from an experienced mortgage industry expert.

Title Company Streamlines Mortgage Banking’s Title Report Reviews.

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Discover titleLOOK’s automated title review services, now available to all mortgage banking sector lenders, GSEs and more. Get the streamlined title report process and learn the advantages of leveraging titleLOOK’s technology to streamline operations. Experience the power of titleLOOK’s automated title review.

CFPB Sues Freedom for Misrepresenting Mortgage Loan Data

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This meta description informs readers of the CFPB's lawsuit against Freedom Mortgage for alleged violation of the HMDA and the terms of the Consent Order. Discover how private lenders can stay informed of the potential impacts of this case on the mortgage industry.

Mortgages: Rates, not Prices, Impact Home Affordability

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A recent Fannie Mae Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) survey confirms affordability and credit availability remain major issues for prospective homebuyers despite improved buyer sentiment. Effective solutions to improve affordability remain key for helping Americans realize their homeownership dreams in the near future.

Title Firms & Real Estate’s Joint Ventures Examined

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This meta description provides an inside look at the current debate at the next frontier of mortgage industry regulation - the Joint Venture business model. Learn why industry opinion is divided on the potential pros and cons of this model, and find out what regulating it could mean for consumers.

UWM Enhances Loan Coordinator Service

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An innovative solution that benefits mortgage brokers and processors: UWM's PA+ service enhancement brings flexibility to the loan-selection process. Enjoy more streamlined loan processing with the ability to customize what tasks a lender's loan coordinator handles.

Mortgage Rates Increase as Labor Market Tightens

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A mortgage industry expert summarizes the latest news on the violent job recession bear market—one that private lenders must be aware of. Learn how the Honey Badger labor market has put a new spin on unemployment and labor market growth.

Lenders Catastrophic due to GSE Loan Buybacks, Frustrated Wholesale Leaders Report

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"Wholesale channel representatives have criticized the high loan buyback volumes from GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, despite a shrinking mortgage market. Gain insight into this issue with our industry expertise; advice without the sales pitch!"

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