Offerpad, Anywhere Partner to Broaden iBuyer Services

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Leverage the power of Anywhere's Leads Network and expand Offerpad's nationwide reach quickly and easily. Offerpad provides a unique service for homeowners, enabling them to simplify and streamline the process of selling their home without the hassle of relisting. Anywhere is the perfect partner to help take this service to new heights.

Pennymac Q3 Performance Bolstered by Servicing Earnings

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Discover how the servicing segment drove Pennymac Financial Services' profitability in the 3rd quarter of 2023. Get insights on the company's strategy for improving earnings, service provision and efficiency from a mortgage industry expert.

in mortgage lending Data Risk & Accuracy: Co-Founder Explores Mortgage Lending

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Private lenders are no different, they need an expert to review the numbers, crunch the trends, and decipher the complex data in the mortgage industry. Let us help you make savvy business decisions today.

CDFIs & Native American Homeownership: Overcoming Obstacles

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Native American homeowneship can be filled with obstacles. Discover how Community Development Financial Institutions are changing the game to make housing more accessible. Learn from the experts how CDFIs are helping Native Americans achieve homeownership and better quality of life.

Preventing Homeowner Insurance Crisis: An Opinion

2023-10-25T13:22:16-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage loan servicing|

With mortgage loan defaults on the rise, lenders are now faced with an overhaul of the homeowners insurance market. Private lenders are searching for practical solutions to the problems that have come with an increasingly uncertain environment. Discover innovative strategies so you can protect yourself from a potential catastrophic mortgage market meltdown.

Rise in New Home Sales Despites Affordability Challenges

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Discover the bright side of the mortgage market with news that new home sales exceeded projections in September! Despite mortgage rates at a 23-year high, declining mortgage applications and waning builder confidence, the sales pace of new homes picked up considerably. Learn how this could indicate renewed consumer confidence in the housing market.

Home Down Payment Averages $85,000 – New Study

2023-10-24T13:40:19-07:00private lender servicing, private mortgage servicing|

Discover which three California cities had the highest down payment averages on average residential real estate in this must-read study for private lenders. Learn how much Californians are paying upfront for their investments in this comprehensive analysis from WRE News.

Lendesk Introduces AI Assistant for Lenders’ Benefit

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Take your mortgage expertise to the next level with Lendesk's revolutionary Lender Spotlight AI assistant. Following the solution's debut, President of Lendesk, Carter Zimmerman promises it to be an invaluable asset to any mortgage professional. Learn more here!

Housing Rents Decrease for Second Month:

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Learn how the drop might impact private lenders. This September saw the median asking rent drop for the 5th consecutive month, presenting a unique opportunity for private lenders. Discover how the decline could affect their investments and strategies in the mortgage market.

Rent Prices Fall for 5 Consecutive Months

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Explore how ongoing declines in rent prices are making private mortgages more attractive to buyers. Learn the key factors driving median rent prices for the fifth consecutive month in this illuminating article from Weekly Real Estate News.

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