Real Estate Buyer Broker Commissions: Settling Disputes

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For Private Lenders: Get the inside scoop on the capacities of real estate conglomerate Anywhere's recent settlement agreements with Moehrl & Sitzer/Burnett. Get the know-how and understand what Society clauses were involved, and the repercussions of the agreements. Learn all the legal facts without the hoopla.

How Mortgage Automation Helps Businesses, According to Tim Bowler.

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Q&A with Tim Bowler, president of ICE Mortgage Technology: Discover the automated technology behind the company's mortgage strategy. Learn how automation can make life easier for lenders and customers. Uncover the innovative solutions ICE Mortgage Technology offers. Find out the benefits of mortgage automation.

ICE Acquires Black Knight for $11.9B

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This meta-description aims to inform private lenders of the news that ICE completed its acquisition of Black Knight for $11.9 billion after more than a year of antitrust challenges. Learn how this affects the mortgage lending industry and its implications on private lenders.

Demand Trends for Housing – Logan Mohtashami Explains Impact of Interest Rates on Home Supply and Demand

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"HousingWire Lead Analyst Logan Mohtashami appeared on CNBC to give insights into the state of the US housing market. Get an expert analysis on the private lending market and what the future may hold from an industry leader."

Bank Faces Hefty Lawsuit for Breaching Ad Contracts

2023-08-30T09:28:02-07:00private lender servicing|

Private lending firm Better Home & Finance under fire from Meredith Operations Corp for violating advertising placement agreements. Learn how a $1.86 million lawsuit may affect private lending. Get informed with expert advice from the mortgage industry.

Exploring the Benefits of High Mortgage Rates

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An SEO-driven Description that Explores the Recent Mortgage Rate Spike - Private lenders take note: mortgage rates recently soared to their highest levels since 2022—reaching over 7%—and symbolizing a strong economy. Explore how the surge may affect the private sector and what to look for in the market for the remainder of 2023.

Former Employees Sued by Lower for $4M Fraudulent Losses

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This mortgage industry news summary speaks to a recent case of fraud within the sector. Private lenders will be interested to learn that four former employees of Lower were sued for misappropriation of funds - resulting in a financial loss of $4 million. Stay informed and seek expert advice on best practices for mortgage-security.

Guild Mortgage Acquires First Centennial Mortgage.

2023-08-28T10:34:55-07:00private lender loan servicing, private money loan servicing|

Guild Mortgage, a retail lender, has acquired First Centennial Mortgage, a privately-held lender with 15 branches in 17 states. Guild's purchase will expand their presence in local markets, allowing for further growth in the purchase mortgage space. This acquisition benefits consumers with a larger selection of lenders in their local market and the ability todetermine the best option for their purchase mortgages.

report Rent Increase of 3.3% in June: CoreLogic Report

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Single-family rental growth slows in June - Rent prices increased by 3.3% across the US, the smallest year-over-year change since Autumn 2020. Get the latest news on the US rental market from a Private Lender expert.

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