Fannie Mae: Home Sales Won’t Rebound in 2024 Despite Soft Landing

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"Fannie Mae's forecast shows that in spite of the possibility of a soft landing, home sales in 2023 are predicted to stay on par with levels experienced in 2009. 2024 is expected to herald a slight improvement. Get the insight you need to make informed decisions about private lending."

Mortgage Rates Reach New High Above 7%

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"Mortgage rates have risen yet again last week as the bond market strives to keep up with a growing economy in the lead up to the next Federal Open Market Committee meeting. Keep abreast of how mortgage rates are responding and find out what it could mean for your loan."

Assessing Damage of Hawaii’s Lahaina Wildfire

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This expert summary from an industry veteran explains the financial impact of the recent damage in Lahaina, and examines the current analysis of the $450 million in rebuilding costs for residential structures. Tune in for the latest insights and analysis related to private lenders.

What’s Next for Mortgage Rates?

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Stay ahead of the curve with an in-depth look at the realities of the rising mortgage rates and how it affects the market. Analysts predict rates may hit 8% in the coming weeks; understand the potential long-term outcomes and make informed decisions when it comes to the housing market. Get the facts from industry experts.

Mortgage Co. Better Merges With SPAC Aurora, Raising $565M

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This meta description offers an overview of the recent deal between Better and $565 million of fresh capital, which provides a unique opportunity for private lenders. Discover how this agreement is set to benefit those in the mortgage industry and unlock valuable funds.

Foreclosures Plunge to 15-Month Low in July

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For mortgage industry news, this meta description will bring private lenders the latest information: Positive mortgage trends are on the rise! Black Knight reports a decline in delinquency and foreclosure rates, indicating strong performance in the mortgage industry. Get up-to-date data on mortgage performance from an industry expert.

Leaders Conference Ginger Wilcox of BHGRE to Speak at HW Leaders Conference

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Join us for exclusive speakers, thought-provoking sessions, and business-building opportunities.

Mortgage Forbearance Rates Increase in July

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With the dramatic decrease in forbearance plans since 2020, COVID-19 continues to have a tremendous effect with nearly two-thirds of mortgage borrowers still in forbearance. Discover the latest industry news and market updates on the state of the mortgage landscape.

Union Home Mortgage Accused of Illegally Terminating Pregnant Worker’s Job

2023-08-22T04:44:06-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private lender servicing|

Understanding the depth of discrimination and the landmark ruling, Union Home Mortgage was recently denied sex discrimination claims made by a former employee who alleged she was fired while pregnant. An examination of the discrimination in the mortgage industry and the implications of the ruling.

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