. New Agents Now Eligible for Exp Realty Profit Sharing Program

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New eXp Realty agents get more rewards! Agents now have access to higher revenue share tiers with the launch of Accelerate program. Find out how Accelerate program is helping Realty agents increase their earnings and meet their financial goals. #Realty #Accelerate #Income

FHA Helps Make Government-Backed Mortgages Easier to Obtain

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Constructing an SEO meta title and description for this article utilizes the recommended methods from SEOMOZ: Meta Title: Private Lenders Benefit From FHA Waiver Meta Description: Simplifying the process for FHA-insured mortgage financing, a new waiver issued by the agency is designed to increase accessibility without unneeded red tape. With this waiver, private lenders gain more opportunities for profitable investments.

Real Estate Consolidation: Exploring Opportunities

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"Stay informed of the trend of large and small firms in the mortgage industry by reading summaries written by an industry expert. Learn how to protect yourself against a downturn and gain insight for successful private lending with these informative summaries written by a subject matter expert. Make sure that your investments are well placed and make decisions confidently."

See How Airbnb Could Generate Income from Your Home.

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Discover how Airbnb integration on Realtor.com is giving homeowners an innovative way to gain an insight into potential rental income. With this tool, users can access pricing estimates for their short-term rental properties to maximize their profits. Don't miss out on this useful new resource.

CFPB Backs HUD Counselors’ Cooperation with Mortgage Originators

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This meta description is 75 characters long. Learn how private lenders are partnering with counselors and originators to provide pre-purchase counseling and homeownership education – empowering better decisions and increased knowledge.

FHFA Urged to Intervene on GSE Loan Buyback Policy

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Ishbia Discusses the Growing Problem of Private Lender Mortgage Debt & Why FHFA Intervention May Be Needed - Need up to date insights on the growing problem of private lender mortgage debt and FHFA intervention? Check out this revealing video from Steven Ishbia to learn more!

UWM Broadens Credit Report Program Coverage

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Eliminate unwanted solicitations with UWM's enhanced Safe Check program. Our credit reports give private lenders the information they need—without sending out leads. Get reliable data from the mortgage industry expert without sacrificing security.

Partnering for Wire Fraud Protection: FundingShield and Tata Consultancy Services Join Forces.

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This leading edge alliance dramatically reduces the chances of fraud in the mortgage sector. This partnership between FundingShield and TCS harnesses the power of technology to protect lenders, homebuyers, and sellers from wire and title fraud. This innovative approach to fighting mortgage fraud gives greater peace of mind and prevents fraudulent activity. Discover how this alliance can be used to reduce the chances of fraudulent activity in the mortgage sector.

Single-family Home Construction Slows Nationwide in Q2

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This quarter, private lenders across the country witnessed a slowdown in single-family home building, caused by increased mortgage rates, labor and supply shortages. Despite challenges, lenders are still making strides in the industry. Learn how to stay ahead of the competition.

Sculptor Sticks with Rithm’s Mortgage Offer Despite Higher Offer

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Sculptor Asset Management, a New York-based firm, announced that it has rejected an improved bid from a consortium of investors. Get the latest insights on the impact this decision has on the private lending industry from a mortgage industry expert. Learn how to navigate and take advantage of the market conditions as a result of Sculptor's decision.

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