Real Estate Market Analysis: Week of October 9-13

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Discover real estate trends including rising mortgage rates, increasing foreclosure rates, and the surprisingly high rental price of Bad Bunny's new home. Keep up with the news in the real estate industry with Weekly Real Estate News.

Fed Move to Pause Interest Hikes Favored by Core Inflation

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Amid the flurry of changing interest rates, The Fed has successfully increased the Fed Funds rate above the growth rate of inflation, making them feel much better about the present and future of the US economy. Learn more about the rate hikes that have helped achieved this result, with insights from a mortgage industry expert.

Rewards Program for Mortgage Shoppers Launched by The Loan Store

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"Make The Loan Store your top choice when it comes to mortgage brokers. We have launched a consumer rewards program designed to help you get the competitive rates you need when comparing lenders. Make us your trusted home mortgage advisor and gain access to exclusive banking rewards."

Zillow App Gains School Search Feature

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Discover how the property search just became easier with Zillow's new Search by School feature. Now available on iOS and set to be released for Android by year-end, find all the information you need to make an informed real estate purchase. Read more on Weekly Real Estate News.

Mortgage Lock Volume Plummets Amid Rising Rates

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"Are you a private lender? Mortgage rate lock volumes declined 20% in September due to a combination of seasonal dips in purchase activity, and rising interest rates. Learn more about how these events impacted the industry here."

Sandra Thompson on Solving Loan Buyback Challenges in Housing Industry

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"Amid a spike in loan buybacks, the Federal Housing Finance Agency Director is working hard to provide more clarity on the agency's framework and use suitable alternatives. Get the insights from an experienced mortgage industry expert to learn how to stay ahead of the curve."

MeridianLink & Blend Team Up to Enhance Digital Lending

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Leverage the Benefits of a Unified Platform with the Convenience of Private Lending - Learn how MeridianLink's Loan Origination Software (LOS) and Blend's consumer banking technology can help you streamline private lending.

How Wholesale Lenders & Brokers can Adapt to High Mortgage Rates

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Mortgage lenders are using down-payment assistance programs, buy-down options, and renovation loans to help borrowers purchase or refinance their homes. Discover how these creative loan solutions can be the powerful tool your customers need. Learn more about the advantages, benefits and requirements so you can make the right decisions.

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