Fannie Mae Economist: No Near-Term Outlook for Mortgage Rate Spreads

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The renowned mortgage industry expert, Doug Duncan, addressed the obstacles of the secondary market at AIME's highly-acclaimed Fuse 2023 conference. Discover the challenges of secondary market financing and vital information you need as a private lender.

Private Aggregators: Leveling the Playing Field

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This meta description will provide private lenders with insight into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's cash window bias, conflicting with FHFA's principle of price equity. Discover how the risk-based pricing system is threatened and learn how to protect yourself from this developing issue.

New York & Florida at High Risk for Mortgage Fraud: CoreLogic

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Recent data show that mortgage application fraud declined by 3.1% in Q2 of 2023 when compared to the second quarter of 2022. Study results from CoreLogic validate the importance of continued compliance and monitoring of loans to prevent loan origination fraud and abuse. Get the facts now to stay ahead of the curve.

market Job Growth in Sept Thwarts Housing Market Prospects

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The September job gains came in far higher than expected, posing a challenge for the housing industry. Discover how mortgage rates near 8% are affecting the industry and what this means for private lenders. Get expert analysis from a mortgage industry specialist.

, what it means for the Industry Opendoor Joins Forces with eXp Realty: Impact on Mortgage Industry

2023-10-03T06:38:53-07:00private lender servicing, private mortgage servicing|

This meta description provides an overview of the recently established alliance between eXp and Opendoor- giving agents access to cash offers, rewards programs, and more. Learn how this revolutionary integration can benefit private lenders and increase their opportunities.

Rising Inventory Pushes Home Prices Lower

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This week, watch mortgage industry expert Mike Simonsen explain the increase in housing inventory and why it's unlikely home prices will crash. Learn how current market data can help private lenders make informed decisions. Get the info you need to make informed decisions as a private lender.

, but is it enough? California RON Legislation Passes: Is It Enough?

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This new addition to the Golden State will benefit private lenders, As a Mortgage Industry Expert, Discover the impacts of Gov. Gavin Newsom's enactment of Online Notarization in California & how it will benefit Private Lenders. No Dates Included.

CoStar Accuses Online Marketplace Tech of Trade Secret Theft by Former Homesnap Employees

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This dispute between CoStar and former Homesnap employees focuses on the alleged theft of trade secrets. Learn what CoStar is accusing Homesnap of and its potential implications for the mortgage industry from an industry expert.

Mortgage Industry Expert Addresses NAR Departure of Redfin over Sexual Harassment Claims

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This letter offers insight into Redfin's commitment to agent rights and the National Association of Realtors' (NAR) mission. Read on for an expert summary of the implications of this decision for private lenders. Learn about Redfin's effort to provide agents a dignified work environment & how it affects the mortgage industry.

EPM Offers Retail Originators Conversion Opportunity with Recruiting Platform

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EPM is helping Private Lenders grow their business with the launch of a new Broker Recruiting Platform. Gain insight into how this shift from Retail Lending to TPO Business could help advance your lending endeavors.

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