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Avoid the aggravation of servicing your own loans.




Don’t Hurt Your Investment due to Poor Servicing

You didn’t invest in a private mortgage loan so you could be consumed by paperwork, compliance issues or the daily hassle of dealing with borrower payments, emails, and phone calls. So why deal with that?

Mortgage loan servicing, both residential and commercial, is fraught with daily minutiae and complex regulatory compliance, which could include:

Borrower Phone Calls

Regulated Accounting

Trust Accounts

Impound Accounts

Payment Letters

Payment Reporting

Federal Compliance Reports

State Compliance Report

Foreclosure Filings

All of these things require a massive amount of time to manage.

One misstep in any of these areas and your investment could be locked up in months or years of hassle, killing your ROI.

By using our professional, fully compliant note servicing, we’ll take care of the mundane day-to-day stuff, as well as all the complicated Federal and State regulatory reporting and accounting.

Be comfortable knowing your loans are being professionally serviced

Relax, know your job is now hassle-free

Make more money by spending your time finding new loans to fund

Over $2 Billion Serviced in 35+ Years

We’ve been around the block a few times. In the past 35 years, we’ve serviced over $2 Billion in private mortgage notes, just like yours. They aren’t all cookie-cutter, either.

We’ve deal with every type of loan imaginable, including:

  • Residential Loans

  • Commercial Loans

  • Construction Loans

  • Bridge Loans

  • Multi-Lender (Fractionated) Loans

  • Graduated Term Mortgage

  • Section 32 Loans

  • Impounded Loans

If it’s been funded, we’ve seen it. And … we do it right.

We’ve gone through numerous State and Federal audits and come through with shining colors.

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Our core customer. Find out more about how servicing is right for you.


Quit trying to deal with the compliance headaches. Let use service your loans for you.


Our core customer. Find out more about how servicing is right for you.

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We are Your Trusted Partner in Servicing

At Note Servicing Center we know that you want to be assured that your investment in private mortgage loans is being handled properly. The problem is mortgage servicing is complex and time consuming which makes you feel frustrated.

We believe private loan investing should be as easy as depositing money in the bank… Read more

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