The mortgage industry in the US is finally beginning to stabilize after the economic impacts of the pandemic. According to industry experts, the market and inventory are starting to even out to what would be considered a ‘normal’ amount of activity. Despite this hopeful news, many agents in the field are reporting a much different story when it comes to their local markets.

Buyer and seller activity has remained subdued due to the lingering effects of the pandemic, and many real estate agents are concerned that the readiness of the market to rebound is greatly overstated. The market is showing signs of improvement, but agents are warning that the ‘normal’ level activity is still some time away.

Important elements:
-Mortgage industry is stabilizing after pandemic
-Market and inventory improving
-Agents reporting different story in local markets
-Buyer and seller activity still subdued
-Market is showing signs of improvement
-Agents stressing ‘normal’ levels of activity are still far away

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