consumer complaint report Most Mortgages in Forbearance Show Signs of Stability in 2021: CFPB Report

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"CFPB data show that CARES Act and COVID-related forbearances have resulted in largely positive outcomes. Get an inside look at the impact of the Act and dive into the data to see how it's helping borrowers."

Mortgage Rates Hold Steady This Week

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This week, Freddie Mac's data showed the 30-year fixed mortgage rate was little changed as investors evaluated Federal Reserve Board chairman Jerome Powell's latest stance on rate increases. Uncover key insights on what this could mean for private lenders as they assess investment opportunities in a changing mortgage market.

AI’s Influence on Mortgage Sector

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An SEO meta description for private lenders that's interesting yet clinical and non-salesy: "Unlock the potential of a secure, streamlined mortgage process with Artificial Intelligence. Discover the practical uses of AI in the mortgage industry today and why it could be worth the wait."

Index Home Prices Surge in April: Case-Shiller Index

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"After a tumultuous start, the US housing market has bounced back this Spring, showing strength in the face of dire forecasts. See the latest case-Shiller index and learn why private lenders remain optimistic for the future of the housing market."

May Mortgage Payments: Borrowers Late Payments Decrease

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Mortgage delinquencies have had a significant drop in May, to the second lowest national rate ever witnessed. Get the facts on the latest improvements in loan performance from an industry expert. Learn why private lenders should be paying attention to these trends today.

in business Housing Market Reinvigorated Despite Unhealthy Conditions

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"The housing market is in trouble, according to the latest existing home sales numbers. One key gauge, Days on Market, is at a dangerously low level, suggesting a grim outlook. With no apparent end in sight, private lenders need to be aware of the current state of the market."

Loan Store introduces expedited Home Equity Line of Credit in Multiple States

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Get a HELOC in days, not weeks with low-rates and flexible repayment terms from TLS.

Mid-Atlantic: 2nd Home & Investment Properties Becoming Hot Sellers

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"Looking to invest in the Mid-Atlantic region? May's data reveals that second homes and investment properties made up 32% of real estate sales. Meanwhile, move-up buyers accounted for only 11% of sales - discover which types of properties are best for you."

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