Angelo Mozilo, ‘Face of Financial Crisis’, Passes Away Age 84

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"Angelo Robert Mozilo, founder of Countrywide Financial, passed away this weekend at the age of 84. As a pioneer in the Mortgage industry, he will be remembered for leaving behind a lasting legacy in the world of Home Finance. Pay your respects to this remarkable man by learning more."

ICE & Black Knight Partner With Constellation, Saving Optimal Blue Merger

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"Learn about how Black Knight’s Optimal Blue business has been sold to Constellation Software to help save the company’s merger deal. Get the latest updates and insights from a mortgage industry expert on the implications of this major business transaction for private lenders."

Mortgage to offer expert insight on current mortgage trendsCompass Mortgage Welcomes Experienced Mortgage Pro Mark McLaughlin to Weigh In on Industry Trends.

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The executive shake-ups in the mortgage industry are continuing this week, with Compass announcing that Mark McLaughlin will be returning to the company to take on the position of Chief Real Estate Strategist. The new role comes after Compass purchased McLaughlin's former firm, Pacific [...]

CFPB Supports Maine Mortgage Borrowers in TILA Lawsuit

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CFPB challenges private lender's interpretation of TILA: Find out why the Federal Bureau of consumer protection filed an amicus brief against the lender in a Maine court, and why it's important for borrowers considering private mortgages.

Refinancing Active in Select Housing Markets

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Discover new insights in the US mortgage industry. Learn how purchase mortgages dominate the market with almost 90% of locks nationally in June, while refinances accounted for less than 20% in some metros; knowledge straight from Black Knight. Make informed decisions based on the latest mortgage stats.

Candor unveils prod. feature enhancing loan data accuracy.

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Candor Technology announced its latest innovation - Candor Pre-Check - this week. This mortgage AI technology gives lenders an opportunity to reduce the risk associated with mortgage pre-qualification. Get an overview of this new feature and discover how it can help your business.

Fix-and-Flip Market Overview Now.

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Flippers looking to invest in property rehabs in 2020 face difficult odds: costs are up, banks are stricter, and returns slim. Learn strategies to weather the storm in the mortgage industry this year.

Mortgage Industry News: June Job Gains Slower, But Likely Still Too Robust to Impact Fed Decisions

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Private lenders benefit from competitive interest rates and pro-business policies that have kept mortgage rates at historically low levels. Keep informed of the latest rates and news in the private lending industry for optimal success.

Mortgage Rates Reach All-Time High

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This week, mortgage rates soared as investors faced unexpected positive economic data which contradicted 12 months of bearish outlook. Privately administered loans may soon provide a more competitive alternative to traditional mortgages. Get the latest news on mortgage rates and the economy now. Suffers $90M Net Loss in Q1

2023-07-07T04:03:32-07:00private lender servicing, private money loan servicing|

"Discover how experienced a net loss of $89.9M and had to reduce its workforce by 91%, due to a decline in production. Learn how private lenders can respond to such changes in the mortgage industry."

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