and how to take advantage You Can Get a Mortgage at 8%: Here’s How

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"This week marks the first time in 10 years that 30-year mortgage rates have exceeded 8%, driven by US Treasury yields reaching 4.9%. Learn more about what this could mean for lenders and borrowers in the private mortgage market."

Mortgage Industry, Where are They Now?What Happened to the Nearly 100,000 Lost Mortgage Loan Officers?

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Discover where mortgage industry leaders are positioning themselves to outlast the current market conditions, as nearly 100,000 LOs have washed out since Q2. Understand the essential financial strategies required for long-term success, backed by expert insights from industry professionals. Prepare for the mortgage market to rebound and stay ahead of the competition.

US Homebuilder Confidence Dips as Mortgage Rates Near 8%.

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Homebuilders face buyer traffic drop due to higher interest rates. Learn how top private lenders are offering solutions to help younger buyers access the market despite current conditions. Get the latest industry insights and help house prices remain affordable.

MBA Leaders Take Action to Halt Unfavorable Mortgage Trends

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In his fiery speech at MBA Annual in Philadelphia, Bob Broeksmit, President and CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), urged private lenders to take action against spiraling market trends before it’s too late. Get the inside scoop on what's happening in the mortgage industry and how private lenders can protect themselves from making costly mistakes.

New-Home Listings Surge Despite Lower Homebuyer Demand

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This week, an inventory increase of 1.8% is making it easier for homebuyers to secure the perfect property to match their homeownership goals. Private lenders are in a unique position to take advantage of heightened demand for mortgages as buyers explore options amidst rising mortgage rates. Discover how the 2023 real estate market and beyond looks for potential homebuyers looking to secure a mortgage with a private lender.

MBA Predicts Significant Increase in Mortgage Originations for 2021

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MBA Survey & Expert Analysis: Private Lenders Rejoice - Discover Why the Federal Reserve will Likely Not Raise Rates Again & How the 2024 Origination Market Will Compare to 2014.

CrossCountry to Acquire Fairway: Reports

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CrossCountry Mortgage is in Talks to Acquire Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. - Discover the Latest News for Private Lenders from an Industry Expert. Get the Latest Update on CrossCountry Mortgage's Potential Acquisition and How it Could Impact Your Lending Decisions.

Housing Industry Asks Biden Team to Reduce Mortgage Spread

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This industry expert opinion piece explores why trade groups are pushing for the Biden administration to purchase mortgage-backed securities. Find out why this move "would not undermine the overall impact of the Fed's actions to increase short-term rates and combat inflation" and what private lenders should know.

Maximizing Success as a Real Estate Agent in a Challenging Market

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Private lenders can find success through implementing these actions to stay competitive. This article is for private lenders: Learn how to stay competitive in a difficult market. Discover how visibility, systems, consistency, education and prospecting can give you a leg up and help you succeed. Get the insight you need from an experienced mortgage industry expert.

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