New homes for flood victims funded by Kentucky lawmaker with $3M allocation

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Expert summary: Rep. Hal Rogers allocates funding to nonprofit Housing Development Alliance. Private lenders find key info for mortgage industry.

John Burns reports homeowner net worth boosted by $208K from equity surge

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U.S. homeowners held $31.8 trillion in home equity in 2023, double the aggregate value in 2006. Explore opportunities for private lenders in this growing market.

Home equity investment companies are expanding presence in housing finance industry

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Discover the growth potential of private lending products for homeowners as evidenced by increasing secondary market transactions. Learn more today.

February Sees Increase in Pending Home Sales

2024-03-28T11:47:49-07:00private mortgage loan servicing companies, private mortgage servicing companies|

Learn about the latest increase in pending home sales in February, a positive sign for private lenders. Read more on Weekly Real Estate News.

Sitzer/Burnett Plaintiff Claims Realtors are Controlled by Large Network

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Discover the latest insights on real estate industry dynamics as NAR rebukes claims of total control, uncovering a web of influence. Read more.

Judge rules against HomeServices in decertifying class in Sitzer/Burnett suit.

2024-03-27T10:29:02-07:00private lender loan servicing, private loan servicing company|

Discover the latest update on the Sitzer/Burnett commission lawsuit as Judge Stephen Bough denies HomeServices of America's motion to decertify the class.

The Real Brokerage aims to continue building on recent growth.

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Discover how The Real Brokerage climbed to the top of the RealTrends 500 Top Movers list and their strategies for continued growth in the future.

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