Justice Department Raises Objections to Settlement in Real Estate Commission Case

2024-02-16T14:34:15-08:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

The judge has the discretion to reject the settlement despite the DOJ's concerns. Read more about the Justice Department's objections in a real estate commission case.

California judge issues $19M penalty, bans fraudulent mortgage relief operation.

2024-02-16T14:02:54-08:00private lender servicing, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Home Matters USA, labeled a "mortgage relief scam" by regulators, faced severe penalties, including business bans and hefty fines, impacting private lenders. Stay informed on this critical issue.

Introduction of New Title and Escrow Subsidiary by Clever Real Estate

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Clever Title's online portal offers secure real-time tracking, document storage, and encryption for private lenders. Discover Clever Real Estate's new title and escrow subsidiary.

MBA reports increased demand for new home purchases in January

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Mortgage applications for new homes rise in January, driven by strong demand for new construction amid limited availability of existing homes. Ideal for private lenders seeking investment opportunities.

Existing-Home Sales in California Experience First Year-Over-Year Increase in Over 2.5 Years

2024-02-16T12:53:43-08:00loan servicing private lenders, private money loan servicing|

Get the latest updates on existing-home sales in California. January saw a year-over-year increase, making it a promising opportunity for private lenders.

Shant Banosian, a top Guaranteed Rate LO, joins Healing Realty Trust’s board

2024-02-16T06:35:14-08:00private lender loan servicing, private money loan servicing|

Looking for investment opportunities? Learn how healthcare properties in the $1M to $15M range are becoming a niche market for private lenders.

Fannie Mae CEO declares ‘successful’ year as 2023 financials are unveiled.

2024-02-16T05:25:53-08:00private mortgage servicing|

"Discover how Fannie Mae's impressive financial performance enhanced its net worth to a remarkable $77.4 billion, capturing private lenders' attention."

Opendoor aims to expand operations for future growth.

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"Opendoor's reduced net loss in 2023 indicates improved financial performance, despite continued losses. Discover how their scaled-back spending impacts private lenders."

Longer Homeownership Durations: Insights into Homeowners’ Residence Preferences

2024-02-14T14:18:54-08:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage servicing|

The U.S. housing market sees homeowners staying in their houses for longer periods of time, providing a potential opportunity for private lenders.

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