and Bradford Tech partner for integrated appraisal solutions.

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Integrate two top-of-the-line appraisal technologies with and Bradford Technologies. Streamline your mortgage approvals and reduce turnaround times with this revolutionary appraisal partnership - now available to private lenders. Get ahead of the game with this innovative new partnership to make your mortgage process the best in the business.

FTC Dismisses Challenge to ICE-Black Knight Merger

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This article examines the federal court case dismissed by the FTC concerning the acquisition of Black Knight by ICE. Discover how this decision clears the regulatory hurdle and will likely enable the deal to close, and what it means for the private lending industry.

: underwater mortgage rates Data Trust Matters Most in Underwater Mortgages.

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Discover how private lenders can gain trust and accuracy in their data with a streamlined process. A process that ensures the most accurate, up-to-date data by using automated tools to extract data from original, direct sources for faster, more reliable decisions.

LOs: Unlock Origination Growth with Data Insights

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Many lenders can leverage consumer information to conduct better origination practices, resulting in an improved borrower experience. Discover strategies for leveraging customer data to transform origination and keep on top of the mortgage industry.

Florida Affordable Housing Law Shakes up Local Authority

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This article examines how a new law in Florida limits the control of local governments over affordable housing projects. Find out how this law impacts the private lender industry and how both public and private sector entities are affected. Discover a balanced viewpoint on the impacts and implications of this law.

Mortgage Rates Drop Following Weaker Jobs Figures

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Get ready for lower monthly payments with private lenders. Mortgage rates are headed lower - now is the time to refinance or get a new loan with private lenders and save on your monthly payments. Get the most up to date financial news so you can make the best decisions for your mortgage needs.

, but mortgage rates remain low Mortgage Rates Stay Low Despite Modest Job Market Cooling in July

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"Insight from a Mortgage Industry expert on the latest jobs report and implications for Fed interest rate policy decisions. Get a deep understanding of what market indicators to watch out for and the impact on private lenders."

Mortgage Rates Rise with 10-Year Treasury Yield Increase

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This week, mortgage rates ticked closer to 7%, on the back of the 10-year treasury yields that surpass 4%. Stay on top of all the latest news in the mortgage industry with a comprehensive weekly summary from a mortgage industry expert.

HUD & NAREB Tackle Appraisal Bias

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Marcia Fudge Speaks on Solutions for Private Lending: Now More Than Ever NAREB 2023 Delivers Substance and Insight. Hear Marcia Fudge offer her ideas on strategies to pressure-test the private lending markets and keep them competitive. The NAREB 2023 Conference living up to its long-standing reputation.

Fannie Mae posts Q2 Profit of $5B Despite Forecasts for an Economic Downturn

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This year, Fannie Mae's forecast predicts a 3.9% increase in home prices, despite an expected recession in Q4 2024 or Q1 2025. Private lenders can stay informed of the most recent mortgage industry news and insight from a top industry expert. Get the latest information and stay ahead of the curve.

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