United Real Estate Acquires in North Texas

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Insight Realty Network and United Real Estate | DFW Properties are joining forces in Grapevine, Texas. As CEO of the merged firm, Andy Bearden will lead the new company, providing a strong foundation to serve the real estate needs of the surrounding community. Discover why this merger is a powerful combination for investors, buyers, and sellers in the Grapevine area.

Mortgage Experts: Keller, Goldberg & Blefari Testify on Commissions Sharing.

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"Delve into the highly competitive world of private lending. Learn the inside details of setting commissions, steering, and "co-opetition" as revealed from the video depositions of three of the mortgage industry's top executive. Hear first-hand how confidential meetings were conducted by the National Association of Realtors®. Get the details you need to stay competitive in the world of private lending."

Version 10.3 Argyle Integrates with Fannie Mae’s DU 10.3

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Discover how Argyle's automated income and employment verifications program can help lenders verify loan applications. Enjoy hassle-free verifications, faster process times and increased security. Take advantage of the latest technology with Argyle and start verifying quickly and securely today.

Blend unveils cost-effective solution for retail mortgage brokers.

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Discover how Blend's lower-cost mortgage suite was designed to increase efficiency and save costs for retail independent mortgage banks. Learn how this suite enables banks to better serve customers, improve productivity, and gain a competitive advantage in the mortgage industry.

Crash of 2008 Biden Reflects on 2008 Housing Market Crash: Phil Hall’s Insight

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Discover why private lenders should pay attention to President Biden's actions and policies related to homeownership. Get up to speed on the housing market with this Phil Hall op-ed. Find out how the President is reviving the housing sector.

Freddie Mac Unveils Down Payment Assistance Solution

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Freddie Mac Offers DPA One Tool - Match Borrowers & Down Payment Assistance Programs Nationwide. Get connected to available resources and empower borrowers with the help they need. Be mortgage-ready with Freddie Mac's DPA One.

HUD Allocates $212M for Low-Income Housing for People with Disabilities.

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Discover how HUD's $212 million allocation is expanding housing for people with disabilities and lower income households. See why this is an important step in meeting the housing needs of all communities while setting a new high bar for private lenders.

Compass Welcomes Back The Beinfield Team from Connecticut

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"The Beinfield Team is a top-ranked small team based in Connecticut, closing nearly $67.2 million in sales in 2022. Learn more about the team's success and how we can help you find the best possible mortgage lender solution."

Navigating Increasing Fraud in the Title Industry.

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Private lenders everypne must be vigilant and take advantage of industry best practices to protect their investments.This SEO meta description emphasizes the importance of private lenders taking advantage of industry best practices to protect their investments during a time of reduced transactions and increased risks of fraud.

Q3 2023 Mortgages: Two Paths from Wells Fargo & JPMorgan

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Achieve Top Search Engine Visibility While Staying Informed: Discover the Latest Earnings Report from Wells Fargo & JPMorgan Chase, Two of the Top-Five Depository Mortgage Lenders. Find Out How They Compare and What Their Numbers Mean For the Mortgage Industry.

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