Nosalek Plaintiffs Granted Permission to Join Commission Lawsuit Settlements

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"Uncover the latest advancements in private lending as Anywhere and RE/MAX reach agreement terms in Nosalek, Sitzer/Burnett, and Moehrl lawsuits, shaping the future of the industry."

Advantages of 8% Mortgage Rates: Increased Inventory

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Mortgage rates are creating positive momentum that could lead to active inventory rates staying flat or even increasing compared to last year. Explore the effects of these changes in rates on the real estate market and what it means for lenders. Learn how to leverage them to your advantage by understanding the key intricacies and dynamics of the mortgage market.

Bay Area Residents Get Help Staying in Homes with New Platform

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An innovative new platform is helping Bay Area residents stay in their homes through a regional approach, and private lenders can be part of the solution. Stay Housed Bay Area offers a comprehensive resource center for families in need. Learn more today.

Which City is the Rattiest in the US?

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Meta Description: Get the inside scoop on which city in the U.S. has the most rodent-infested homes and the practical steps private lenders can take to protect their properties. Learn more in this informative post on Weekly Real Estate news.

home Rithm Home Closing Expected on Sculptor Home with Increased Offer

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This article explains how Rithm Capital, a New York-based firm, recently got approval from major stakeholders to acquire Sculptor, a private lending organization. Find out how this acquisition might affect the mortgage industry.

MLS Broker Marketplaces Promote Homeownership Equity.

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This meta title provides valuable insight into how NAR President Tracy Kasper is advocating for consumer protection in local reals estate markets and how these rules are helping local MLSs succeed. Get Tracy's take on how the right regulations make for successful home transactions.

Mortgage Rates Increase Close to 8% According to Freddie Mac

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Mortgage rates increased in the US this week, with the Treasury yield surpassing 5%. Learn how the rate hike impacts private lenders and what to expect from the mortgage market in the near future.

Learn How New Technology Helps You Understand Your Customers

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Discover how Truv's open finance platform helps financial organizations access every data source available, allowing them to better understand their customers. Learn more about this groundbreaking new technology for private lenders today at

CDFIs & Native American Homeownership: Overcoming Obstacles

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Native American homeowneship can be filled with obstacles. Discover how Community Development Financial Institutions are changing the game to make housing more accessible. Learn from the experts how CDFIs are helping Native Americans achieve homeownership and better quality of life.

Mr. Cooper Earns $275M Profit in Q3

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Improve Profitability with Mr. Cooper Group: An expert analysis of third quarter 2023 earnings from one of the top private lenders. Discover how a high rate environment and low delinquency helped its servicing portfolio, yet the originations side of the business faced challenges and resulted in lower earnings. Learn more about Mr. Cooper Group's performance.

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