Expert opinion on strategies for succeeding in the mortgage refinance competition.

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Stay current with the latest industry news on mortgage rates. Experts predict a potential drop below 5% which could spark a refinance rush for private lenders.

Florida Police Authorized to Evict Squatters Under New Bills Signed by DeSantis

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Stay updated on the latest legislation affecting property rights in Florida. Read about DeSantis signing bills enabling police eviction of squatters.

Breaking Down the Average Homeowner’s $18,000 Annual Non-Mortgage Costs

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Discover how utilities are the greatest expense for homeowners, averaging $5,362 per year. Learn more about non-mortgage spending habits in this insightful article.

Dolce & Gabbana reveals design for inaugural US real estate project

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"Dolce & Gabbana unveils design for 888 Brickell, their first U.S. real estate project. Luxury tower in Miami, created with JDS Development Group."

Clear Capital partners with Cherre to extend collaboration

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Stay informed on the latest tech-based real estate solutions for private lenders. Get valuable insights on industry news and trends.

The Real Brokerage aims to continue building on recent growth.

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Discover how The Real Brokerage climbed to the top of the RealTrends 500 Top Movers list and their strategies for continued growth in the future.

Expert analysis on the impact of commission changes for real estate agents

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Stay ahead in the mortgage market with our expert analysis. Buyers rely on real estate agents for personalized guidance and competitive advantages.

Case-Shiller and FHFA data show continued increase in home prices.

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Stay updated on the latest trends in the housing market with insights on rising home prices and data from Case-Shiller and FHFA. Read more.

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