Mortgage Experts: Keller, Goldberg & Blefari Testify on Commissions Sharing.

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"Delve into the highly competitive world of private lending. Learn the inside details of setting commissions, steering, and "co-opetition" as revealed from the video depositions of three of the mortgage industry's top executive. Hear first-hand how confidential meetings were conducted by the National Association of Realtors®. Get the details you need to stay competitive in the world of private lending."

Bank of America’s Mortgage Production Drops 6% in Third Quarter

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Bank of America's 3Q2023 mortgage & home equity production sees decline. Uncover potential implications & how it affects private lenders. Learn more now.

FinLocker and Milestones Team Up in Strategic Partnership

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"Milestones & FinLocker partner to streamline home buying process. Private lenders can now take advantage of an integrated home management portal & financial fitness platform formed with the goal of simplifying the mortgage process."

Version 10.3 Argyle Integrates with Fannie Mae’s DU 10.3

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Discover how Argyle's automated income and employment verifications program can help lenders verify loan applications. Enjoy hassle-free verifications, faster process times and increased security. Take advantage of the latest technology with Argyle and start verifying quickly and securely today.

Blend unveils cost-effective solution for retail mortgage brokers.

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Discover how Blend's lower-cost mortgage suite was designed to increase efficiency and save costs for retail independent mortgage banks. Learn how this suite enables banks to better serve customers, improve productivity, and gain a competitive advantage in the mortgage industry.

US Homebuilder Confidence Dips as Mortgage Rates Near 8%.

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Homebuilders face buyer traffic drop due to higher interest rates. Learn how top private lenders are offering solutions to help younger buyers access the market despite current conditions. Get the latest industry insights and help house prices remain affordable.

data Real Estate Agent Movement Hits Record Low: Relitix Data

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Agents as experienced brokers are no longer moving between brokerages at the same rate as the post-pandemic peak in the summer of 2021. Get aninsider's view from Relitix's Agent Movement Index: a comparison of agent movements between brokerages versus January 2016. Uncover key trends and implications for private lenders.

GSEs Explore Alternatives to Loan Repurchases: FHFA Update

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Thompson's 155 Character Meta Description: "Stay informed with our expert insights into the mortgage industry. Get cutting-edge updates on new initiatives designed to test and learn from various options for performing loans with defects from trusted private lenders."

Learn to Invest in Online Real Estate Auctions with Xome Sim

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Discover the innovative auction simulator created by Xome and learn how it can help neophyte investors understand the ins and outs of real estate auctions. Mike Rawls, CEO at Xome, explains how this game can benefit the market. Find out more on Weekly Real Estate News.

Mortgage Industry Faces Legal Test as First Broker Commission Lawsuit Goes to Trial

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Discover the fate of guaranteed shared compensation as private lenders face the Sitzer/Burnett commission lawsuit in an all-important trial. What will be the outcome for the mortgage industry? Find out now.

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