UBS Agrees to $1.4B Settlement Over RMBS Fraud Allegations

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"UBS AG has agreed to pay $1.43 billion in penalties for RMBS-related issues before the 2008 financial crisis. Learn more about the details of this settlement from a trusted mortgage industry expert & how it affects the private lending sector."

Unlocking the Potential of AI in Real Estate Marketing

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It creates entirely new opportunities in the private lending industry - for better financial security and more reliable returns. This blog offers insights into how this evolving tech space could shape new trends and strategies.

Harness Non-QM Loans to Help Balance Refinancing Dwindle

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Be informed on the latest opportunities and regulations. "Be informed on the latest private lender opportunities and regulations that enable you to expand your pool of prospects and replace lost volume. Get the expertise you need to stay ahead in the mortgage industry with our industry-leading insights."

Freddie Mac Publishes 2023 Stress Test Outcomes

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A thorough analysis of the latest Freddie Mac stress test has revealed the impact of an adverse economic scenario on the company's credit losses - with results showing more vulnerability than the results from the 2022 test. An informative and invaluable resource for private lenders.

Fed Pivoting on Inflation Data?

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This article takes a close look at the inflation data released by the Federal Reserve and how this could influence the possible pivot in 2024. Logan Mohtashami breaks down the implications for private lenders and what it could mean for interest rates. Gain insight into the possible effects of these changes on your business.

Mortgage Lenders: Prioritizing Company Culture

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Safeguard morale and productivity among employees with reconnection, inclusivity and transparency. Discover how these strategies can help private lenders foster business growth in difficult times, without sacrificing morale.

CertifID Explains Increase in Mortgage Payoff Fraud of over 500%

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"Secure a bigger return on your investment with vigilance against mortgage payoff fraud. Learn more from a mortgage industry expert on how to protect your interests without sacrificing convenience and profits."

Mortgage Applications Decline 3.1%

2023-08-09T04:02:02-07:00private lender servicing, private mortgage servicing|

The mortgage application rate takes a dip as mortgage rates rise. 30-year fixed mortgages have reached their highest point since November 222, bringing tough news for private lenders. Find out the latest trends and tips for navigating the mortgage market.

The Impact of Low Mortgage Credit Availability: What You Need To Know

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"In July, mortgage credit availability dropped to its lowest level since 2013 - as receding origination volumes made lending less profitable for many lenders. Get the latest insights from an industry expert on how this might impact private lenders."

US Home Prices Reach Record Highs in 30 Largest Markets: Black Knight Report

2023-08-08T04:02:46-07:00private lender servicing, private mortgage servicing|

With Home Prices On the Rise, The Latest Report From Black Knight Is Showing a Positive Trend in National Housing Market - Get the Facts and Learn What This Means for Future of Private Lenders.

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