Lawmakers Push for Title Ins. Requirement on GSE-Backed Loans

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This article covers the proposed changes to the charters of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Learn about the legislative development and potential impact on all private lenders. Get informed about the ongoing legislative process, which could drastically alter the mortgage industry.

First Savings Bank Announces Reduction of Over 100 Mortgage Positions Across Numerous States

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Indiana-based First Savings Bank plans to lay off over 100 mortgage employees in the coming months. Learn how this reorganization affects the private lender industry and what it means for its employees. Get expert insights from a leading mortgage industry expert.

Leading Optimal Blue Execs Exit Following Constellation Buyout

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This summary concisely relays the news that 3 senior leaders from Optimal Blue, a firm recently acquired by Constellation Software, have moved on. Discover the implications of this corporate shift and their potential effects on the Mortgage Industry.

Real Estate Brokers React Proactively to Q4 Commission Lawsuits

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Realtors are preparing for the Commission lawsuits and redoubling their efforts to keep costs down and services up, according to the latest RealTrends BrokerPulse survey. Realtors are adding buyer representation agreements, training and bolstering consumer education. Private lenders can benefit from understanding how changing conditions are affecting business models. Get the key insights to stay ahead with RealTrends today!

for mortgage lenders Qualia Offers Wire Fraud Protection for Mortgage Lenders

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An Innovative Way To Securely Collect and Share Wire Instructions with Clients - Qualia Shield is the newest security feature provided by Qualia. Protect your clients' assets while simplifying collection and sharing of wire instructions with confidence and ease. Make your mortgage experience more secure with Qualia.

Zillow Prevails in False Advertising Claim Against Discount Brokerage

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"Federal jury rules in favor of Zillow, bringing to an end the years-long legal battle by REX. Learn more about the implications of this ruling for the private lender industry."

Mortgage Companies Issue Debt: A Positive Sign for the Market

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This meta description focuses on market conditions that affect private lenders, offering insight into the current high rates landscape and potential for recovery. Learn why mortgage companies are raising debt now and what conditions are suggesting about a market turnaround.

David Childers Appointed CEO of Keeping Current Matters

2023-09-29T13:20:24-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage loan servicing|

Keeping Current Matters has named David Childers as their new CEO. His expertise with the mortgage industry brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. Find out more about their new leader and how he plans to help the company succeed.

Inc Introducing iad Group Inc: The New Mortgage Brokerage

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Discover how Paris-based iad Group is bringing their world-class brand to the US with new operations in Florida. Learn more about how this international expansion can help bridge the gap between US homeowners and private lenders.

NAR, Brokerages Oppose Effort to Avoid Cross Examination

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The National Association of Realtors and brokerages are defending themselves against allegations of unfair practices. Private lenders can read an in-depth summary of the situation, why the parties are in court, and what the potential implications could be. Get the facts so you can make informed decisions regarding mortgage industry investment.

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