In an interview with HousingWire, Bob Walters, the CEO of Quicken Loans, and Tim Birkmeier, head of operations and consumer direct at the lender, discussed the current state of the mortgage industry and the opportunities for mergers and acquisitions.

Walters and Birkmeier both spoke at length on the current market situation of COVID-19, noting that certain areas are flourishing while some have fallen into a holding pattern. To capitalize on this market uncertainty, Quicken Loans is utilizing a “bank-like” strategy of gaining more market share by integrating technology and analytics into the mortgage lending system. According to Walters and Birkmeier, this strategy is providing Quicken Loans with a major competitive edge and advantage over their competitors.

Key Points:
• Interview between Bob Walters and Tim Birkmeier
• Discussed M&A opportunities and the current state of the mortgage market
• Utilizing “bank-like” strategy to gain new business
• Leveraging technology and analytics to gain advantage in competitive market

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