The current housing market is featuring an unexpected development: mortgage rates are rising. This week, the rate has jumped up to the highest level since the turn of the century. A 2% increase was seen this week compared to the week before, and this is a sign that homebuyers are reacting to market conditions. By reacting to the rates, individuals are indicating that purchasing a home is still an attractive route for them, despite the potential costs associated with higher rates.

The event has a larger-scale implication as well: it sheds light on the fact that, overall, the housing market in North America is on an upswing. Homebuyers are eager to purchase property for a variety of reasons, meaning more are able to participate in the market. As such, rate increases affect the calculus of homebuyers, but it isn’t dampening their enthusiasm.

Main Points:
• Mortgage rates have risen to the highest in over 20 years
• Homebuyer presence is growing despite the increased costs associated with higher mortgage rates
• The housing market in North America is growing overall, with more people able to participate in the market

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