Agent movement appears to be returning to its pre-pandemic levels according to Relitix’s inaugural Agent Movement Index™. The index measures relative levels of movement between real estate brokerages by experienced agents, and was given an index to the level of mobility present in January 2016. The results show that, after a rapid surge of mobility post-pandemic, experienced agents are now moving less between brokerages.

Though still higher than pre-pandemic levels, agents are no longer surging between brokerages as forcefully as they were in the summer months of 2021. This could be due to agents having time to more fully consider their opportunities, or, in a more troubling sign, a decrease in brokers being able to offer experienced agents compelling offers.

In summary:
• Relitix’s inaugural Agent Movement Index™ found that experienced agent movement between real estate brokerages is returning to pre-pandemic levels
• Post-pandemic, experienced agents moved rapidly between brokerages, but this surge of mobility has since decreased
• The decrease in movement could be due to agents more carefully considering their options or a decrease of compelling offers from brokers

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