The housing market is showing signs of recovery, as inventory begins to steadily increase. With pent-up demand from buyers and a newfound stability in the economy, existing homes have started to hit the market. This is good news for the industry and prospective buyers, as more shoppers are now able to purchase their dream home.

Supply and demand is driving the current trend in housing inventory. In April, the number of active listings began to rise, with a larger amount of available homes compared to the January 2020 low. This increase in inventory is providing a much-needed balance in the market, allowing buyers more options to choose from.

In addition to the increase in inventory, prices continue to remain stable. This allows buyers to be confident that they’re not overpaying and entices them to enter the market before prices become too high.

Finally, some of the latest housing data has made it clear that the market is still on its way to recovery, as more people feel comfortable entering the market. This could lead to increased sales and renewed faith in the housing industry for years to come. Overall, the market’s current landscape is favorable for both buyers and sellers alike.

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