Paragraph 1: Guild Mortgage, the largest privately held mortgage company in the US has announced its acquisition of Cherry Creek Mortgage, a 38 year old mortgage bank with deep market presence in the Intermountain West. The merger is part of Guild’s ongoing strategic growth goals and will create a bigger, more competitive and innovative lender. According to Guild CEO Mary Ann McGarry, this acquisition provides the company with a new opportunity to serve customers in new markets with a larger range of competitive products and services.

Paragraph 2: cherry Creek Mortgage is based in Glendale, Colorado, and has branch operations in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. The company also offers loan origination services throughout the US. The combined entity will serve customers through more than 240 brick-and-mortar locations and 11 production offices. This will help Guild increase its reach with a more diverse and competitive product portfolio, while continuing to provide the same high quality service customers have come to expect.

Paragraph 3: The Cherry Creek team will remain in their existing markets and will continue to operate under the Cherry Creek Mortgage name. In addition, the acquisition will expand Guild’s existing partnerships with real estate partners, technology providers, and other strategic affiliates. Both companies focus on delivering personalized service, technology, and education to its borrowers, and the combined entity will help expand Guild’s offerings.

Paragraph 4: This acquisition is great news for both companies as they work together to expand their reach and effectively serve new markets. Customers of both companies will benefit from the combined entity’s expanded product offerings and larger branch network. According to McGarry, “Guild has big plans for the future and we are excited to welcome the Cherry Creek team to our company as we continue to pursue our mission of responsible homeownership across the country.”

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