As the housing markets around the United states continue to shift and dictate what is going on in the economy, three smaller markets have been highlighted in recent news. The markets of New York, Sarasota and Racine have been making waves due to the continued attention and growth of their respective housing markets.

In terms of New York, the market has been all over the board, but one crucial point, which stands to impact it in greater ways, is its diversity. With such a rich mix of cultures and cultures coming in, the housing market has seen its fair share of benefits as landlords look to take advantage of this influx by creating new and improved dwellings. This has also led to rising rents, as landlords have been able to charge more to tenants than would have been possible in the past, with the city seeing its highest rent levels ever in 2018.

Second, Sarasota has been in the spotlight for having one of the fastest-growing housing markets in the country, having benefited from a diverse economic base that has shielded it from some of the economic troubles of other parts of the country. Due to its central Florida location, the city has seen its population grow at a steady clip, and many new, larger communities being developed, allowing for more available housing stock and a faster pace of real estate market activity.

Finally, Racine has emerged as one of the most affordable housing markets among mid-sized cities in the United States, and it has been increasingly attractive to potential buyers due to its affordability and access to amenities like public parks and a public beach. Racine is also highly attractive to home buyers and investors due to the fact that it offers a mix of older and newer housing stock, providing potential buyers and renters with a wide range of options that fit their budget and preferences.

In conclusion, the housing markets in New York, Sarasota and Racine stand as three unique examples of what is possible in the US housing market. From the diversity of New York to the growing market of Sarasota to the affordability of Racine, each of these cities provide a unique perspective on what can be achieved when economic and social factors coalesce in the right way. Regardless of whether one of these three is the right choice for an individual or an investor, it stands as evidence that the United States housing market is more diverse, exciting and beneficial than ever before.

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